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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 19, 2018
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  • Mishak Heyman

    Mishak Heyman

     a years ago +3794

    All the people come in: hey
    Dogs come in: AWWWWWWWW hello puppy

  • Brian _

    Brian _

     a years ago +1775

    My heart melted when the guy in the beanie showed an example of what his dog can do 😞

  • Lena C

    Lena C

     a years ago +2923

    I love tom he is so giggly and easy going

  • charlie 1963

    charlie 1963

     a years ago +2575

    Tom's laugh is contagious!

  • Custer


     a years ago +1354

    Tom is such a humble guy

  • ozeppeo


     a years ago +1652

    Well behaving dogs. No barking at all.

  • VirtuallyBoris


     a years ago +2127

    The way he chose them they all looked like eachother

  • Citizen Mike

    Citizen Mike

     a years ago +3508

    his reasoning was soooo good i completely went with it... and hes wrong xD

  • i love you

    i love you

     a years ago +3330

    where and how do i sign up
    i want to meet cute dogs

  • Nukaiya Hatherley

    Nukaiya Hatherley

     a years ago +973

    Tom is such a sweet man oh my god my heart is melting

  • AnimeGirl


     a years ago +1092

    Now I wanna see people matching cats with their owners lol x3 it would be fun

  • leventunver


     a years ago +976

    he's having such a good time. haha

  • Stan


     a years ago +513

    this guy should have a youtube channel and pet dogs all day long :)))

  • Ember Ann

    Ember Ann

     a years ago +669

    This man is living his best life! He's just so happy!!

  • a wils

    a wils

     a years ago +144

    “ it’s really just the lack of confidence that makes me so confident “ I have never related to anything more

  • Isabella


     a years ago +429

    You should do match the person to their name

  • heykelly


     a years ago +388

    This guy is so giggly lol

  • thoes dielen

    thoes dielen

     a years ago +188

    Its because all the cocaine you do walter. HAHAHA

  • Puter


     a years ago +483

    5:53 I love how that french bulldog is just casualy laying behind 😂

  • kaykay12152


     a years ago +474

    7:28 That would be his dog