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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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    Video Credits:

    DP Dance Video- Typo : @myTypoLife

    Hair + Makeup by Spencer Hedges : @paintedbyspencer

    “Freaky” Choreographed by Cedric Botelho:
    Instagram: @cedric_botelho
    Youtube: youtube.com/cedricbotelho

    Dancer, Vincent Michael Braccia:
    Instagram: @_vincentmichael_

    Dancer- Giancarlo Annito
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    Producer: Jessie Buttafuoco
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/25UV6LrQZTc


  • TheTaxburden


     4 hours ago

    Found a big mac! Lol

  • sara hery

    sara hery

     9 hours ago

    You need to do jojo siwa😆
    That will be epic 😂

  • Emily Panda

    Emily Panda

     13 hours ago +1

    Love the fact that Shane’s eyebrows look like my butt after eating Taco Bell * Follow me on TikTok* Username: emilybender0817

  • alesia marie

    alesia marie

     15 hours ago

    Ive never watched her before..but shes everything I want to be!

  • Nevaeh Howington

    Nevaeh Howington

     16 hours ago

    Smile sister I get bullied every day all my friends are fake....you got this

  • U - Nicole

    U - Nicole

     20 hours ago +1


    Imma just leave that here

  • JJ Awesomeness

    JJ Awesomeness


    Okay... call me crazy... but idk if it’s some lightings or if it’s the way her face contorts, but she can look like Reese Witherspoon.

  • Letty Davis

    Letty Davis


    When they got 100 nuggets and trish still called it a tiny snack...lowkey goals

  • Alexia Thompson

    Alexia Thompson


    You and Trisha are my favorite you tubers everytime when I’m sad you guys make me laugh I love you guys

  • Name 06

    Name 06


    I would love to meet Trisha she just seems so awesome and lovely

  • StinkyButton



    This is the Trisha I love and miss, so I come here periodically to rewatch this series. I know Shane won’t see this comment, but I wish he’d do videos with the OGs, like Trisha, Garrett, Theresa (his mom), et cetera.

  • dani-xo YT

    dani-xo YT


    I’m not dropping hate. But, I really hate the fact that everyone is picking on how the makeup artist did Shane’s brows and the wig. It might look bad but the point of this vid is to show how much Shane appreciates the fact that Trisha is in his life. All this video is to show how hard it is for youtubers like Trish or Jeffery to have to deal with all this hate behind the camera, especially since Trisha is usually alone after a long day, not being able to express her feelings with anyone. It’s really sad that nobody on the internet or behind the screen is putting themselves in other people’s shoes and living their lives and knowing their stories.

  • Emo Rat

    Emo Rat


    🚫🧢 I love how trish has a panic at the disco poster

  • beetle juice x3

    beetle juice x3


    yo shane actually did really good with the dance tho

  • Indi Senn

    Indi Senn

     yesterday +1

    The amount of times Trish said OMG ME!

  • Subtly Living

    Subtly Living


    Literally no one:
    Trisha: it’s so much funner

  • Xxxlivdraws Xxx

    Xxxlivdraws Xxx

     2 days ago

    Trish: forget you
    Her with all her exes fucken queen 👑

  • Zackery Gregana

    Zackery Gregana

     2 days ago

    Looks like paris hilton without tinkerbell

  • A r A b E l L a

    A r A b E l L a

     2 days ago +1

    Now I wanna go to Mcdonalds

  • xX DarkCandy xX

    xX DarkCandy xX

     2 days ago +1

    Why does Shane dressed as Trish remind me of white chicks. I fucking love it