Is this Grooming Product for Pets or Humans? (GAME)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring today's episode. We know people treat their pets like their children, but can we tell the difference between the grooming products they would use on their animal vs. human children?  GMM #1458

    Check out to learn all about how Eno, Capital One’s intelligent assistant, is looking out for you and your money.

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  • MiszzMiszz


     7 hours ago

    11:24 dear god link

  • Frodin527


     9 hours ago

    My dog likes to eat his eye boogers too!!! My husband thinks it’s gross but hey, then I don’t have to worry about figuring out how to throw them away. Idk why people think it’s gross though, it’s not hurting anyone.

  • Almost Everything

    Almost Everything

     21 hours ago

    link said a bad woRd....ahhhh....

  • Singing Juggernaut

    Singing Juggernaut

     22 hours ago

    Oh no, I thought I won

  • S.K.Y MagicStar2

    S.K.Y MagicStar2


    I felt links embarrassment lol

  • oxnard_flossifer


     2 days ago

    Outrage! What is this a podcast? Where’s my forward 30sec button?

  • Emperor Ehryn

    Emperor Ehryn

     2 days ago

    Oh no, furries

  • Emma Stephens

    Emma Stephens

     2 days ago

    Anyone else noticed the pushing of advertisements or their own products more frequently? Kinda ruining the authenticity of the videos.

  • Carolina Alvarado Nuñez

    Carolina Alvarado Nuñez

     3 days ago

    I like the new Intro guys..!! Great video :)

  • Alexandra Delliou

    Alexandra Delliou

     3 days ago


  • Ricardo Rojas

    Ricardo Rojas

     3 days ago can do all of this on a dog you can do non of this on a cat. Its a cat massager

  • weihong fan

    weihong fan

     3 days ago

    That was a of-fish-al joke. Get it?!

  • RockismyAir


     4 days ago

    I love Link, specially when he meows.

  • Triest Wright

    Triest Wright

     4 days ago

    I can see a cat letting someone rub that on their face for about half a second before going wtf!!!

  • Lolly Sherman

    Lolly Sherman

     4 days ago

    12:50 I...had....that....hat.... it lights up 😂😂

  • DarthCanis


     5 days ago

    I'm so happy my boys were featured

  • Zahid Sadik Fuad

    Zahid Sadik Fuad

     5 days ago

    Just watched your talent, I think .. Jim Carrey I didn't missed you long time! I am here.. both of you superb. If I have... I invite our country but it is matrix...

  • iMRM.1472


     5 days ago

    Hey, i use the same scalp massager

  • Maygan Phynix

    Maygan Phynix

     5 days ago

    cats are awesome! Animal Lover right here. I love all Animals Equally. 😊

  • Dat_kid _jay

    Dat_kid _jay

     6 days ago +1

    Link: *''Don't judge me.''*
    I think we're _way_ past the point of judging you based on the weird things you've said...