Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
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  • patricia reign !!!

    patricia reign !!!

     a minute ago


  • Milki Ket

    Milki Ket

     a minute ago

    Есть ли здесь русские?Фильм супер

  • Victoria Sepulveda

    Victoria Sepulveda

     2 minutes ago

    She is artist ❤☀️

  • Florence Natnat

    Florence Natnat

     5 minutes ago

    Kelly:i said "thats ugly" you know i say good advice
    Me:An AdViCe!? MoRe LiKe aN INSULT.

  • Little Ashley

    Little Ashley

     6 minutes ago

    41:23 YoU CaLl ThAt A StRaBeRy ShOrTcAkE

  • J, S, and Y

    J, S, and Y

     7 minutes ago

    Tell me why I love orange juice but dousent get it at all😂

  • APlague


     8 minutes ago +1

    Am i watching this for the 6th time?
    Do I regret it?
    What else am I supposed to watch without getting distracted doing hw?

  • Dorothy and eb jr Vlogs

    Dorothy and eb jr Vlogs

     9 minutes ago

    I was just watching videos then this cane up on auto play I don’t know what this is

  • princess faith

    princess faith

     11 minutes ago +1

    Its a mix of cute and scary-_-

  • nu boihi

    nu boihi

     12 minutes ago

    who did she remove he tattoos ????

  • Elianne Fuhr

    Elianne Fuhr

     13 minutes ago +1

    Normal people: How much cake do you want ? , One piece.
    Mel: Howmuch cake doyou want ? , Well I am the fucking cake .

  • LTS_ toast

    LTS_ toast

     13 minutes ago

    U are one of the most nicest person I ever known

  • Tyronn Dafney

    Tyronn Dafney

     13 minutes ago +2

    I watched this with my friend last night he never seen it before when he saw Lunchbox Friends he asked me “Did she possess the black bitch”?🤣

  • Niki Lei

    Niki Lei

     14 minutes ago

    My apartments number 222 and my school's door number 222 xD

  • Ari uwu

    Ari uwu

     14 minutes ago

    Ya me la vi como 100 veces,listisima para K-13

  • DIY your Life

    DIY your Life

     20 minutes ago

    i wanna know what happen next

  • Josie Reeves

    Josie Reeves

     20 minutes ago +1

    And I am ready for k-12 2

  • Animale Agar

    Animale Agar

     23 minutes ago

    "You got this." screws up "Fuck."

  • Reem Alneaimi

    Reem Alneaimi

     23 minutes ago +1

    It’s so cool that each song has its own special meaning about serious issues in society.Melanie truly does what other singers can’t.

  • Ghoultric


     23 minutes ago

    This a magnificent trippy dream sequence its neat