NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix ft. Blueface (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
  • Lyrical Lemonade Presents:NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Remix [ft. Blueface] (Official Music Video)Directed + Edited by Cole BennettSong Produced by Midas 800Director of Photography - Snyder DerivalSteadicam by Renard CherenEx. Produced by Sal TarantinoNLE Choppa Socials: Socials: Channel of Lyrical Lemonade / Cole BennettSubscribe for updates on music videos, interviews, performance videos, etc.Lyrical Lemonade's Hot 25 Spotify Playlist: Lemonade Socials: Bennett Socials: #LLMusicVideo #NLEChoppa
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  • Trinizel


     2 months ago +21051

    This is how many White Tank Tops NLE Choppa has

  • Raffi


     2 days ago +286

    This is how many times you replayed 1:34

  • Mister EnWhyCee

    Mister EnWhyCee

     4 days ago +790

    When I hear my crush broke up with her boyfriend.
    Me: 1:34

  • Jake Bauman

    Jake Bauman

     3 days ago +198

    me, peacefully sleeping at 2 am
    mosquitoe: 1:34

  • Partyhobber


     3 days ago +358

    The amount of times I've heard "I knew that boy was a hoe" from pressing on 1:34 is insane

  • xPKH MC

    xPKH MC

     1 months ago +15831

    Food in microwave: 1:20
    What my food sees 0:28
    this is 100% copied this is just for my amusement

  • ii Jxtter ii

    ii Jxtter ii

     3 days ago +142

    Me when I bring takis to school
    All the kids in my classroom: 1:34

  • Chris_ Gzz

    Chris_ Gzz

     4 days ago +900

    Me: Makes it to the NFL
    My dad who left for milk 15 years ago: 1:34

  • Very Rare

    Very Rare

     4 days ago +764

    My group mates: doing all the work for the school project
    Me when they’re done: 1:34

  • Twitch_Astr4s


     19 hours ago +82

    When your crush says she sees you as a brother
    But you remember she’s from Alabama

  • fakecIout


     2 months ago +13876

    blueface the type of dude to bring a ruler with him to bed to see how long he slept

  • Tyler Perea

    Tyler Perea

     4 days ago +885

    Mrs. Puff: ah today finna be a great day :)
    Spongebob: 1:34

  • anime to the max 77

    anime to the max 77

     4 days ago +122

    Principal: ms Williams, your son has been acting up in class. Can you please handle him
    Mom with the belt: 1:34

  • Yabos


     13 hours ago +84

    Only people who clicked on a 1:34 meme can lîke this
    I’ve recently made a song I think it’s underrated, give me thoughts

  • Megan Moe

    Megan Moe

     3 days ago +68

    Me trying to eat peacefully in class:
    Everybody else in the class: 1:48

  • I was in division Finals

    I was in division Finals

     2 months ago +2613

    Cole Bennett: So u wanna flex ur money and cars?
    NLE Choppa: I wanna be a chef

  • Flying Gorilla Gamer

    Flying Gorilla Gamer

     4 days ago +138

    Me struggling to beat the boss in a game
    my older brother at 1:34

  • Vicstone GR1

    Vicstone GR1

     2 days ago +77

    Dad: 3:00
    Child: makes it big
    Dad Who Left Years Ago: 1:34

  • Just Another Army

    Just Another Army

     2 days ago +55

    Me : Just trying to enjoy my summer
    Back To School Ads : 1:34

  • Melana Cook

    Melana Cook

     yesterday +8

    all dogs within a 1-mile radius when i open the cheese wrapper: