Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.
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  • billy john

    billy john

     14 minutes ago

    Hillary and the DNC conspired and cheated against Bernie in 2016 and there should have been a class action lawsuit for the donors to the Sanders campaign. Because the DNC is once again conspiring against certain candidates they don't care for.

  • Fook what u think Fook what u think

    Fook what u think Fook what u think

     an hour ago


  • lizzie mckenzie

    lizzie mckenzie

     2 hours ago

    I really hope the US takes this man seriously next year when they vote. He’s smart and he cares, that’s a 100% improvement on what they currently have.

  • EliteGames YT

    EliteGames YT

     2 hours ago

    Not saying bernies bad hes good but you all should look at andrew yang

  • Zombee Ritual

    Zombee Ritual

     3 hours ago

    Oh my god! How could Bernie Sanders betray us all by colluding with the white supremacists? Jk this was actually a really good interview. I'm sick to death with all the smear campaigns from the media

  • Joseph


     3 hours ago


  • Frank Bruffey

    Frank Bruffey

     5 hours ago

    i wont have a job if 15 is a minimum wage

  • Bart Nadyrshine

    Bart Nadyrshine

     6 hours ago

    But but but... Muh free market!! D:

  • No Fuckingway

    No Fuckingway

     6 hours ago

    I was digging bernie until he brought up guns. Makes me question if he knows the same about the economy as he does guns and gun laws... Bernie might be a fake.

  • Chandler Craythorn

    Chandler Craythorn

     6 hours ago

    Probably the realest political interview I've ever seen. I'm not bernie fan but I really appreciate hearing him speak like a normal person instead of what he's portrayed as in media and how he comes off in debates. He still doesn't have my vote but I think I understand him a lot better now

  • Seth Base

    Seth Base

     8 hours ago +2

    This should be at the top of the searches when you type in Bernie Sanders on Youtube yet you have to scroll through PAGES to find it. YouTube is apart of the establishment & is threatened by Bernie’s ideas!

  • Jason Felice

    Jason Felice

     9 hours ago +1

    Australian for Bernie POTUS 2020

  • yaaaaaaaaasss


     10 hours ago +1

    Why did so many people dislike this? I can't imagine what more you'd want from an rational and informative interview. I'm conservative, I don't like this dude, but I'd never dislike him speaking his mind.

  • Critics Of The Audience

    Critics Of The Audience

     10 hours ago


  • Joseph Gall

    Joseph Gall

     10 hours ago

    On the financial issues, Dave Ramsey would out debate Bernie. Freebies are not good.

  • Hannah D

    Hannah D

     12 hours ago +1

    I love Bernie Sanders. He is the most genuine, honest human being I've ever heard talk....let alone presidential candidate....could ya'll imagine a good human as our president? WHOA

  • Kluh Nagoh

    Kluh Nagoh

     12 hours ago +2


  • Stev0 kinev0

    Stev0 kinev0

     14 hours ago

    When you gona announce your support for Andrew Yang joe? Or Bernie atleast

  • Electro Squid

    Electro Squid

     16 hours ago

    In Sweden our Public Service television (SVT) had a similar problem with little debate time. So they gave each party in parlament (8 of them) a 1 hour program called "Speech to the nation". It was basically propaganda, but atleast everyone got a fair shot at saying what they wanted to say.

  • Patrick D

    Patrick D

     17 hours ago

    Instead of government negotiating with drug company's, wouldn't it help the market more if the FDA approved more generic drugs and allowed more competition? It seems like whenever government takes over the regulation and cost of things (student loans, medicare) prices just sky rocket but for things that the market controls like automobiles and cell phones, they all seem cheap and accessible enough for everyone and no one ever goes bankrupt paying off a car of a cell phone unless they were irresponsible.