John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • John Wick is back, this time he's being hunted by the organization of assassins he used to work for. Here's my review of JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM!

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  • Diego Graciano

    Diego Graciano

     22 hours ago

    This movie was lame. Liked the previous 2, but this was just action porn

  • Desert Aria

    Desert Aria

     yesterday +1

    I'm confused why the movie had such good review and why JJ basically only mentioned the action and nothing of the characters and plot, for me the movie from midway to end felt like garbage.

    The woman with the dogs made no sense, she made such a show of an emotional struggle while john asked her for help only to voluntarily choose to offend the party she really didn't want to because they shot her dog, whom she knew hadn't died.

    I don't think John would have done all this if his dog had been injured and not killed.
    Regardless, I find the character weird given how they reacted seem so be contrary to what they say.

    And then we have the adjudicator lady, that is one emotionless log that did not play out well, Keanu Reeves did it cooly in Matrix but not everyone can do it. Ultimately, her mannerisms turn out weird for example in the scene where the japanese baldie was sitting at the barber stool, why did she have to lean in to give the go ahead for him to kill John? This was the cherry of weirdness on top of seeing her do her wooden log impression throught town the entire movie.

    Many action scenes made no sense but I can chalk this up to movies being movies. For example, the bikers had guns but during the chase all they did was trying to get close to john - where surprise surprise, he was able to rob the gun from the attackers because they got so close. Or the scene in the stables, when John was going to pick a gun from the ground and the assailant chose to shoot the ground near the gun to stop John from picking it instead of shooting John? Dear lord, stuff like this just keeps piling up.

    JW3 was the worst of the 3 for me, I just don't understand the positive reception but ok.

  • Roger Almendares

    Roger Almendares

     2 days ago

    James bond vs John wick

  • Devin


     2 days ago

    Black Widow vs. John Wick.....

  • Legolas


     4 days ago +1

    It was great movie but so gross mann ah

  • john guthrie

    john guthrie

     4 days ago

    Just saw JW3... shame they relied on so much CGI, the fight choreography was outstanding, but CGI Ruined it, and the story was weak. Not as entertaining as the first 2...shame

  • crush


     4 days ago

    Hitman can beat Wick

  • Caleb Belyeu

    Caleb Belyeu

     4 days ago +3

    Just seen it and John Wick 3 is worth buying on Blu-Ray because it is....... Awesometacular

  • rickyraton12


     4 days ago

    poor review, not serious. :(

  • WHY


     5 days ago

    IP Man would crush him

  • sheikh mansur

    sheikh mansur

     6 days ago

    Chip damage lmaoo

  • MrHoldbrook


     6 days ago

    Deadpool could beat John wick..

  • RekLaw XeRo

    RekLaw XeRo

     6 days ago

    Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, the guys from the Raid ......Maybe Ninjas (that use Ninjutsu-TaiJutsu - or even a Japanese Martial Art instead of Tae Kwon Do and Escrema, and actually know how to use Guns and Wakizashi).

  • Chris Biro

    Chris Biro

     7 days ago

    I loved John Wick (original), loved John Wick II but was not as enthused by John Wick III. The fights grew nearly boring, not because they were not exceptionally well choreographed and thought out (they were very well done), but due to sheer volume. But more importantly because John Wick was no longer fighting for his moral compass through most of it. He was just fighting to stay alive. The first two films he was fighting for a cause I believed in. The third film he was not. And I think that really mattered in how much I was invested in John Wick. Seems the producers are making the same mistake with the John Wick story as Dan and Dave did with Game of Thrones, lets make sure every scene is more spectacular than the previous scenes even if the underlying story about John suffers to achieve this. John With is not truly an action adventure, it is a tragedy and story of redemption. Missing these critical elements the movie loses is luster. The fighting style of John Wick is impressive and we love that but that is not enough to compensate for the lack of character transformation. These were not present in the movie until near the very end and even then only kind of superficially included. As such I just did not have the connection to John Wick in the third movie as I did the first two. I really felt his pain as he sat missing his wife and that really made the movies work for me. I hope they do better in this respect in John Wick IV.

  • cidz


     7 days ago

    It would be so sweet to see John wick walk into the continental and sitting at a table is Denzel Washington from the Equalizer and the 1st words out of his mouth would be... Hello John, Now that you're back we can take care of that unfinished business between us.
    Then he would Click his watch starting the countdown as he walks out the front door of the continental.

  • Thierry Lubembela

    Thierry Lubembela

     7 days ago

    I think Jason Bourne would win

  • Wildjason888


     7 days ago

    Maybe Jack Reacher?

  • Deathlysilence27


     7 days ago +2

    Jon Bernthal's version of The Punisher could probably keep up in a fight

  • KIL


     7 days ago

    Cast Carrie Anne Moss Chapter 4!

  • Himanshu Patel

    Himanshu Patel

     7 days ago

    Baba yoga...