Did Avengers and Final Fantasy 7 SAVE E3 2019? - SquareEnix Reaction

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Holy heck that was wall to wall goodness during this E3 conference. Lets dig into my reaction to all this new Final Fantasy VII gameplay and the newly revealed Final Fantasy VIII Remastered!!

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    Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Remake's release date before its E3 2019 press conference on Monday night -- but the company still had plenty up its sleeve for gaming's biggest convention.

    The mic drop game was Avengers, unveiled after about two weeks of social media teases, which you'll be able to play next May. There was also plenty of Final Fantasy love -- for both VII Remake and XIV -- and a whole suite of trailers.

    If you need to play catch-up we have conveniently put every single trailer so far in this handy post. Next up and lucky last for press conferences is Nintendo Direct. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, the team behind the beloved new Tomb Raider games, Avengers is the new comic book-based video game to get hype about. (Even if these don't look like The Avengers you know and love.)

    Square Enix has been teasing the reveal of the game since late May. We saw Thor, Iron-Man, The Hulk and Captain America and Black Widow try to save New York -- again -- in the trailer shown at the end of Square Enix's press conference.

    Shaun Escayg, from Crystal Dynamics, and Marvel Games' Bill Roseman took the stage to walk us through the blockbuster game. It'll be both a single- and multi-player game, Escayg said. Rosemann explained that this is Crystal Dynamics' take on The Avengers, not a spin off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Remake's release date, March 3 2020, 24 hours before its E3 2019 press conference. So what did the company have left for its big event?

    A lot. Yoshinori Kitase opened Square Enix's show and announced that the game will take part in two parts, one within Midgar one outside of it. The entire Remake will take up two entire Blu-Ray discs, similar to how the PlayStation 1 original took up three CDs.

    We then got a combat explainer from Neal Pabon, senior manager of product marketing. Remake will use a hybrid combat system, using real-time hacking and slashing plus a bullet-time tactical mode from which you can use magic, items and Limit Break attacks.

    You can also add shortcuts that bypass the bullet-time mode, making it more like a Kingdom Hearts battle experience. The demo ended with Cloud and Barrett's boss battle with the Scorpion Sentinel. The Final Fantasy VII Remake portion of the press conference ended with an extended trailer, which gave us our first glimpse of Tifa in the Remake. We also saw Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers gameplay in details and learned about the new classes as we draw closer to it's relase date and saw the first real gameplay of Final Fantasy 8 Remastered.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/2ZIo6b0wPdQ


  • DreamcastGuy


     4 months ago +45

    Dang I am just so happy that the Final Fantasy VII remake is REAL! Also FF8 being Remastered is great. :D

  • Big Ranter

    Big Ranter

     4 days ago

    Square Enix was good but Nintendo beat them

  • Robitussin Brohan

    Robitussin Brohan

     3 months ago

    Just in case you don't know, the midgar game is two discs long. Unfortunately square themselves don't know how many parts the game will be.



     4 months ago

    You are all fools.
    Drooling over high rez graphics while being blinded by nostalgia.
    FF 7 trailer did nothing for me.
    All it did was confirmed to be a dumbed down version of the original with clunky mechanics.

    Oh and episodic releases can screw off!

  • Timogen Viente

    Timogen Viente

     4 months ago

    I think the 1st summon is located in the chocobo ranch this is after you exit midgat. I hope they will changed it so we could have ifrit shiva to name a few for the remake.

  • big gummy

    big gummy

     4 months ago

    Avengers suck

  • J G

    J G

     4 months ago

    how many gears can u shift thru over there in tweakerville? just joking I know you be being excited

  • J G

    J G

     4 months ago

    homeboy said final fantasy 7 remake is real...then shows ff8

  • Mad Deniels

    Mad Deniels

     4 months ago

    you have your infos wrong again, midgard will be 2 BRs, they don't even know how many episodes it will take to finish the whole game, they're disjointed as they tend to be these days.
    hope they find their way, during that project and manage to not make it a 10 year project, that they bloat and end up destroying the pace that was perfect in the original.

  • Crimson


     4 months ago

    cyberpunk 2077 saved the E3

  • Matthew Ocampo

    Matthew Ocampo

     4 months ago

    First part will have 2 blu-ray discs, not the whole remake being only 2 parts.

  • Twisted Soul

    Twisted Soul

     4 months ago

    I think square lied about losing the source code

  • Eikichi Onizuka

    Eikichi Onizuka

     4 months ago

    Personally I am more interested in the Final Fantasy VIII remaster but happy for the VII fans

  • Michael Blomeley

    Michael Blomeley

     4 months ago

    What a conference that was! Really enjoyed it all. I’m like you with I am setsuna and lost Sphear I had so much fun on them games.

    I’m so happy that we’ve finally got the FF8 remaster and the Final Fantasy 7 remake looks so epic can’t wait the whole conference blew my mind. Avengers looks awesome too.

  • kenneth83DK


     4 months ago

    Wow all you FF7 fanboys sure are cute and easy please.
    Sure we got 15 min. Of FF gameplay, but the rest was nothing but CGI trailers and dlc for existing titles.
    The Avengers end part was a huge let down, no gameplay all CGI trailer and 10 min. of empty talk, who needs a 5 min talk segment about who's in the avengers or a filler "behind the voices" video.

  • The Doomed Dog

    The Doomed Dog

     4 months ago

    I think FFVII is decent but overrated, and I still got hyped with that gameplay they showed

  • 1smacks1


     4 months ago

    I interpreted what Kitase/Nomura said, to mean that the midgar section was being fleshed out to have 2 bluray disks worth of content. After all, they DID say that they were using the FF13 model with the remake releases. Which I think means 3 games over a span of 3 and a half years.

  • angbataa


     4 months ago

    All i can say is they finally founs the source code of ff8 after so many years

  • Xerafimy


     4 months ago

    Ehm... He skipped that AVENGERS IS GAME AS SERVICE >_>

  • Bryant McMillan

    Bryant McMillan

     4 months ago

    Let's be real, the FF7 remake saga will not be finished within the next decade. Midgar doesn't even scratch the surface of FF7. The next episodes will be open world and thus harder to develop). We are looking at 5 years per episode and maybe 5 episodes (25 years). At least our grandkids will get to play the full game...