ABCs Call Their Parents in Chinese for the First Time | 美國華裔第一次用中文打給爸媽

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 20, 2016
  • This week our ABC (American-Born-Chinese) friends called their parents & took on the “Chinese Only” speaking challenge\( ̄▽ ̄)/[NOTE]: Terry was able to serve as a cast member & a director for this video because he was the first to be surprised with the challenge (by co-director Howard). He joined Howard in directing the rest of the cast.Let's be friends :)►YOUTUBE►WEIBO►FACEBOOK►INSTAGRAM►TWITTER members featured:Terry -, Jianing - - - - - - for more videos!! v_(^.^)_v----------Directed by Terry He & Howard Cheng by Terry HeSubtitles by Alex Zhao
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  • CatchYouLaterr

     7 months ago

    "You're my favourite child" "I'm your favourite?!" "You and Eddie." "You only have 2 children!" 😂😂

  • --

     3 hours ago

    You're my favorite child (among all the children I see, including the ones in the kindergarten.)

  • Yuxuan Chen

     1 months ago

    CatchYouLaterr this part is so sooo cute

  • sunshine hobi

     9 months ago

    “you don’t have a single muscle on your body” that killed me😂😂

  • YOLO

     7 days ago

    No, but yes.

  • Yun Qu

     1 months ago

    Reality is harsh... lol...

  • thats my sun

     11 months ago

    I love Japanese and Korean and Chinese Language its so satisfying to hear

  • This Is 60 Seconds

     2 hours ago

    Did you know all of them came from mongolia?



    They are all beautiful.

  • Paulo Alexandre

     9 months ago

    Well except for Derek, who admittedly doesn't use Mandarin at all, everyone has a very decent accent.

  • Ice Kokoro

     15 hours ago

    Jim Lin lmao don’t you mean differentiate?

  • Jim Lin

     3 days ago

    Bennet Liang Come on dude My parents are Taiwanese so I can definitely discriminate the difference

  • FaultyWires

     1 years ago

    ‘ I want to be a astronaut’ ‘Of course you can’t’ Asian parents be crushing dreams 😂😂😂

  • Maxwell Geng

     8 days ago

    you should add up some of,dont target all of Asians

  • 翟冉

     9 days ago

    Then you western just enjoy the dream forever?

  • Joachim Ardiles Jukie

     9 months ago

    In Malaysia, Chinese people who can't speak Chinese are called "bananas". I personally know quite a few of them.

  • your beloved father


    Danny Ron in China it's more like a self-consciousness thing, if you hate or deny your Chinese root and worship caucasian‘s ass you are probably gonna be called banana

  • Soulkiller Gaming19


    Erin Justine I got a banana :) lol

  • chenle's dolphin laugh

     4 months ago

    the guy that got roasted by his mom is holding his side as if he's actually been wounded hahaha

  • Rj Bertram

     8 months ago

    4:01Chinese mothers are just as savage as hispanic mothers confirmed.

  • TGT AG_gamer

     12 days ago

    Typical asian parents be like this. Even mine parents are like this.

  • Jingxiao Cai

     1 months ago

    @Bree Iero Oh yeah, because the people get the name "A"-sian for a reason. It's not "B"-sian or ”C“-sian. LOL.

  • _.hi._ 9865

     3 months ago

    4:50"Thank you for wasting 5 minutes of your life with me!""Any time for you!"

  • leo Z li

     1 months ago

    _.hi._ 9865 in her moms mind: seriously? After wasting my 20 years ?

  • 北日本社会主義人民共和国

     2 months ago


  • Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

     1 months ago

    233333 亮了

  • xiangguang gong

     1 months ago