Giannis Destroys Kristaps Porzingis & Entire Mavs While Luka Doncic Takes Over! Bucks vs Mavericks

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo Destroys Kristaps Porzingis & Entire Mavs While Luka Doncic Takes Over! Bucks vs Mavericks October 11, 2019-20 NBA Preseason

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  • Joe D.

    Joe D.


    1:55 Mark Cuban looking at the coach, that's too easy

  • damia n

    damia n

     7 days ago +1


  • Strikerage


     7 days ago

    Giannis is like a more agile Chris Webber without the same handles.

  • Sammy Spaniel

    Sammy Spaniel

     14 days ago

    You folks in the comment section are all about the athletics. But as an engineer I'm geekin' out about the engineering that goes into creating a rim that flexes without breaking after Giannis unleashes his wrath. Now I'm about to smack. Without engineer's you jock nuts would still be throwing a pig bladder through a fruit basket.

  • Michael Fighter

    Michael Fighter

     14 days ago

    Giannis officially better than AD.. AD is more skillful but giannis is closing the gap faster than AD is with getting more athletic

  • wyakee vinegar

    wyakee vinegar

     14 days ago

    These 4 minutes highlights of a NBA game are more exciting than an entire season of the WNBA

  • Sean Robinson

    Sean Robinson

     14 days ago

    Yeah the officials suck! First play.... HE IS OUT OF BOUNDS

  • Kuya Digz

    Kuya Digz

     14 days ago

    He's good in regular season only..

  • Robert Thurman

    Robert Thurman

     14 days ago

    1:43 Barea calling for a travel might be the worst dispute I have ever seen. In what world is that a travel? He was screaming at the top of his lungs like Middleton sprinted without dribbling.

  • Regg Moe

    Regg Moe

     21 days ago

    This guy gannis is the best player at his age in the NBA n he gon be the MVP again

  • The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio

    The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio

     21 days ago

    This guy, if he ever learns to shoot the 3, and AD...would break the NBA. The length and versatility would be unreal.

  • Vindemiatrix


     21 days ago

    Hardcore clickbait

  • mamaril2007


     21 days ago

    Who won this game?

  • Λαθρό


     21 days ago

    Μπράβο Γιάννη!!!

  • Djadja Travar

    Djadja Travar

     21 days ago

    Giannis must be happy WC is over so he can finally score some point against that amazing defense in NBA !!!

  • Swat


     21 days ago

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing. This guy moves like a guard at 6’11” 😂 he makes the court look small 🔥🔥

  • Mr. Boom Gnostic

    Mr. Boom Gnostic

     21 days ago

    I wouldn't say destroys. Dominated describes this better. BUT IT GOT ME HERE LOL

  • Vincent Wright

    Vincent Wright

     21 days ago

    Dallas wins every time when they play the Bucks ? Why ?

    Because the Bucks traded Dirk to Dallas.

  • Dany dany

    Dany dany

     21 days ago +1

    3:58 Kristaps Porzingis break his ankle..................................

  • ferskenicetea


     21 days ago

    "It's not personal, It's BuisdnZz!"