Movies I Thought Were Weird

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 27, 2017
  • Why do people make weird videos and just let everyone in the world see them??
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  • TheOdd1sOut


     a years ago +42408

    I got a lot of comments about the really awesome frame-by-frame animation in this video, but those parts were actually done by my very talented friend Rushlight Invader, check him out! :0 ➤

  • rere Cruz

    rere Cruz

     4 hours ago

    This is my favorite part of the whole video 7:32

  • Ivan Martinez

    Ivan Martinez

     5 hours ago +1

    James:all disney sequels are bad
    Also James:*likes the star wars prequels*

  • slimy boi slushy

    slimy boi slushy

     6 hours ago

    Do you like peter pan 2

  • Loie Blossom

    Loie Blossom

     6 hours ago +1

    5:26 “I wish the animator suffered a fatal heart attack.”

  • Loie Blossom

    Loie Blossom

     6 hours ago

    “I saw this movie at the theatre when I was a kid..... it was horrifying!”
    “Your face is horrifying.”

  • Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

     7 hours ago

    Wat the actuol frik 7:08

    Read more

  • Emma Ath

    Emma Ath

     7 hours ago

    I still haven’t read the whole book with my class

  • Andres Preciado

    Andres Preciado

     7 hours ago

    Can I have dem

  • Kayla Ryder

    Kayla Ryder

     8 hours ago

    I just watched Gabe's last video and now I need some laughs after crying so hard

  • Carlos_Adventures


     8 hours ago +2

    4:31 James saying all the Disney sequels are bad

    Me: say that again after watching Kronks new groove

  • Night Orcid

    Night Orcid

     8 hours ago

    when ur sound gets distorted

  • Night Orcid

    Night Orcid

     8 hours ago

    Wild something with the same brothers. Kratt Brothers. Good show. 9.9537486874892713489832174632738779482363472563857982098756278346t578074233185093405934203111111491513420893742840382748327590237592038758297493275942357345774042350705437052474325767084250485745873632584425748574594579748742375894895247204574248578435734825365834842573692385434857983577639854379485749345748384572939485462857458734948576395876252873495857238785793t79786543859728597658248257835764853482754873857578348572489577578690578685786985786854878754537475827270478949878667857828795270979527904287942893687893476387764285743200785342017513890610436731831786543765734717837173845674316561478378783106845647371073874568755643711083756437817807478356487318780038747856647310480378566473610574167784738083874653471083746564378388734710374834437821569701289456t45493275914752347539437524257458084173520415263952704625745268075269076920276905276907596289756t28971526975697547209562457090786224785982457924858294985942789472987759275843927937.../10

  • Tyler Vaden

    Tyler Vaden

     11 hours ago


  • Laser Beam1536

    Laser Beam1536

     11 hours ago

    🔥 lit

  • Amelia Finn

    Amelia Finn

     12 hours ago

    I watched the kart brother.

  • MR.J03 M0nk3y

    MR.J03 M0nk3y

     13 hours ago

    Tenorge moopan Nilna turts


  • Razor Playz

    Razor Playz

     15 hours ago

    the star wars prequels were good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #starwarsprequels

  • Sana Aziz

    Sana Aziz

     15 hours ago

    As a Muslim I feel sad when you said YOU DIRTY MOUSE-LIM and I know you mean Muslim 😢😢 I still
    love your channel! I was just telling you.

  • Dany Rodriguez

    Dany Rodriguez

     15 hours ago

    What does pot of greed do again?