Democratic candidates debate: Education | ABC News

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019

    ABC News’ Linsey Davis asks the candidates how will they address the education system, including public schools vs. charter schools. READ MORE:

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  • Branson Russell

    Branson Russell

     16 hours ago

    More money for public schools has been proven to do nothing. Its a broken record of failed politics 😵 she just said 2 trillion holy fuck where does that money come from??! 🤑

  • Taylor Sanchez

    Taylor Sanchez

     17 hours ago


  • Winter Bear

    Winter Bear


    Andrew yang 2020! Let people know about him folks. Tell em!!!

  • willinton06



    Well, that thing that joe said makes quite a lot of sense

  • Alice Kroeker

    Alice Kroeker

     3 days ago

    They are all idiots.

  • Kelly Berry

    Kelly Berry

     3 days ago +1

    GO YANG GO!!!!🇺🇸

  • Alvin Cologne

    Alvin Cologne

     3 days ago +1

    Andrew Yang 👏👏picked all points In 45 seconds, he's the next Obama

  • Joe Frazer

    Joe Frazer

     3 days ago

    Joe Biden followed by Bernie are the best candidates its experience that's required.

  • Frank Priv

    Frank Priv

     4 days ago

    Here are you Democrats that are running for POTUS OMG Trump 2020.

  • Super ninja Vang

    Super ninja Vang

     4 days ago

    Yang is the one.

  • AlwonDomz


     4 days ago

    Mr. Yang answered the question in half the time as his peers, who in my humble opinion, didn't answer the question. The question being, "Why isn't tax payer money better spent on fixing traditional schools?" not, "What is your track record regarding anything that's related to education in some form or another?"

  • Rony Garcia Galicia

    Rony Garcia Galicia

     4 days ago

    Only Yang, Buttigieg, Sanders, and Gabbard are the only candidates to be concise and clear for how to fix our broken education system

  • Heino Bezuidenhout

    Heino Bezuidenhout

     4 days ago

    Yang has the most common sense. Trump has more

  • Hamidi Maqtal

    Hamidi Maqtal

     4 days ago

    Yang, Yang, Yang, Gang. Go Bang, god damn.

  • Villkar


     5 days ago +2

    After hearing Yang speak, it's almost impossible to get through the other candidates babble and unrealistic promises...

  • Dr. Dahz

    Dr. Dahz

     6 days ago

    Every Democrat: im gonna raise your taxes and give you what i think you need because you cant think for yourself..

  • tyyahnna


     6 days ago

    #yanggang2020 🇺🇸 VOTE !!!

  • davematt2002


     6 days ago

    The highest poverty on Earth? 😅 ok Bernie, try India or Uganda at least lol

  • Andreas Devig

    Andreas Devig

     6 days ago

    What the hell is Biden talking about? "Play the radio. Make sure the television, the.. excuse me.. make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone.. Make sure the kids hear words.."

  • Miguel Gaviria

    Miguel Gaviria

     7 days ago

    Well I just dont want 3 more hours of school I have work after