The Story Of Atari's 1983 Nintendo Console - Featuring Guru Larry

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 16, 2017
  • When people talk about 1983 they almost always refer to it as the year of the video game crash. But 1983 also almost became the year that Atari had it all, when they nearly reached an agreement to sell the Famicom in all markets outside of Japan under their own name. This is the story of the Atari Nintendo Entertainment System that almost was.

    Have a small correction on the video. I accidentally used the NES NY trial run for the full launch date and the 7800 full retail launch date. I meant to use the full launch date for both. The NES full launch only beat the 7800 to market by a few months, which if anything it makes the sales number comparison more jarring in favor of Nintendo.

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    NES animation by Michael Lanning (with additional editing by me)

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  • Steven Serrano

    Steven Serrano

     2 days ago

    Oh shit! We almost got a NINTARDO!

  • WALN Zell

    WALN Zell

     3 days ago

    Meanwhile, Mattel's Intelivision had a peripheral that allowed it to play Atari 2600 games.

  • Patrick Jones

    Patrick Jones

     5 days ago

    Jerry Lawson was great he did it

  • 700 Megabytes

    700 Megabytes

     7 days ago

    I have a better idea for all of those goofballs that want to storm Area 51. Storm the dump where all of those ET games were dumped!! They’re REALLY trying to hide aliens there! Lol

  • Hanro50


     7 days ago

    The problem is that companies that think they're on top. Often make the mistake of thinking they can do no wrong...

  • BlueSpacePictures


     7 days ago

    The same thing that happened to Sony and Nintendo

  • Rick Jasper

    Rick Jasper

     7 days ago

    I was directly involved in the coin op arcade business from the early 1980’s to the late 1990’s. I was also involved in introducing the Turbografix 16 to the American arcade market. I can tell you that Nintendo was almost singlehandedly responsible for the demise of the coin op industry. They started introducing new titles directly to the home market and SKIPPING the arcades. If the arcade industry was run like the movie industry, this NEVER would have happened.
    Imagine if new movie releases went directly to DVD and SKIPPED the movie theater. What would happen to movie theaters???

  • helio1055


     7 days ago

    7800 has more potential than the famicom 😂😂

  • SicCoyote


     14 days ago

    To be fair Atari would have screwed up the Nes

  • New England Views

    New England Views

     14 days ago +1

    It’sa Me... Mario

  • New England Views

    New England Views

     14 days ago +1

    As Andy Rooney once said “I like a woman’s hair, and I like butter, but I don’t like them together.” No Nintari for me.

  • Global warming is hot

    Global warming is hot

     14 days ago

    We could've perhaps have gotten the superior FC instead of the garbage NES



     14 days ago

    Man, Atari really fucked up all the time. Even when they didn't, they still did

  • Adam Santer

    Adam Santer

     14 days ago

    Why does Howard Lincoln have a British accent?

  • TheParkerizing


     21 days ago

    the AES looked badass

  • Litigious Society

    Litigious Society

     28 days ago

    I can't believe a million people bought the 7800. Must have been ignorant parents who knew nothing about Nintendo.

  • Ben Rosen

    Ben Rosen

     28 days ago

    more wood trim pls thx

  • Rovin Mangal

    Rovin Mangal

     1 months ago

    I had an Atari 7800 I thought it was better than NES.

  • Nick Hersheys

    Nick Hersheys

     1 months ago

    Good video to fall asleep with half a can of beer left.

  • Laz Buza

    Laz Buza

     1 months ago

    Great video! I remember buying a 7800 in the early 90’s at store such as Big Lots. I only had one game that came with called pole position or something .