Does YouTube Respect Freedom of Speech?

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 11, 2019
  • A carefully thought out appeal to the YouTube executives to reconsider their community guideline policies. How important is freedom of speech to you?

    A clarification: When I refer to "grossly offensive subjects" I'm not talking about offending people's feelings. I'm talking about things that are obviously inappropriate, like murder, torture, pornography, or videos that promote violence and oppression. Things that 99% of people would agree don't belong on YouTube.

    Please consider sharing this video. The more people that see it, and the more traction it gets, the more likely that the YouTube executives will actually watch it.


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  • GunCraft101


     11 days ago +24

    Please consider sharing this video. The more people that see it, and the more traction it gets, the more likely that the YouTube executives will actually watch it. Thanks for watching and for all your support!

  • Ryuzaki Reaper

    Ryuzaki Reaper


    In simple terms. No. Google does not respect or support free speech. In fact they are currently making a system for the chinese so that they can restrict free speech and punish people that speak out against the abusive dictators that hover over china like a cancer. They even had a helping hand in making the new chinese "socitial credit ranking system" in which certain people they dislike will be ranked lowly and could be sentenced to death if they reach a certain low number. Hell I just watched a video in which the guy talked about how some adult-child ran out of one of their conference rooms like they had stage 4 autism because the word "family" was mentioned and that person didn't like it. So now google is changing their policies so that the word "family" is no longer allowed to be said.

  • Biggest 23

    Biggest 23

     2 days ago

    This whole censorship palaver is just the same old group of rat people, the [censored] that bought up all the media to ensure that their unending role call of literally genocidal manipulation and Machiavellian machinations doesn't come to light, which of course includes the hoax of the lolocaust. The only way to control something as fluid and publicly accessible as the internet, is to get people used to the idea that officially regulated censorship is vital to keeping us safe and then the [censored] do their best to ensure the halls of officialdom remain under the control of the [censored].
    Inform your children and your friends that it really is the [censored] that's orchestrating this and the [censored] are doing it because all those expensive media companies are losing influence at a great rate of knots and the [censored] need you you to be made to think that censorship is to be expected and normal.
    It really is those damn [censored].......

  • Caleb Sutton

    Caleb Sutton

     6 days ago

    I agree

  • White Owl

    White Owl

     7 days ago

    Cannot say better. All my respect for your work. Video Shared. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • yellowice0


     7 days ago +1

    "YoutubeAsLongAsWeDon'" this is a very accurate statement

  • Lyubomyr Mykhalchyshyn

    Lyubomyr Mykhalchyshyn

     9 days ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with you.

  • chevy6299


     10 days ago

    Who gets to decide who and what is offensive.

  • Faded Falcon

    Faded Falcon

     10 days ago

    aaaay preach

  • Thomas Lynd

    Thomas Lynd

     10 days ago

    It is sad when free speech is a feared by any power base. This subject is quite esay to end up ranting about . The truth is freedom in all its forms is being curtailed bit by bit. At one time in America the teaching of how to read and write was kept from slaves. Let us never allow the restriction
    of human rights and freedoms to be limited. Remember it starts out with small attacks of free speech and there is no more free speech.

  • Eric Peterson

    Eric Peterson

     10 days ago

    YouTube is now in the thought-crime business, which is why I don't support their paid services.

  • Adam Pasquale

    Adam Pasquale

     10 days ago

    Hear me roar 🦁

  • twain55


     10 days ago

    Great job!

  • IceDragon978


     10 days ago

    Does YouTube Respect Freedom of Speech?
    Of course not. They respect only the almighty dollar, and they'll do whatever they think will bring them more of it, or prevent them from losing some of it. The only way to get them to listen is by affecting their bottom line.

  • Kodiak Rabbit

    Kodiak Rabbit

     10 days ago

    @4:00 "Of course content that promotes hate and violence and other grossly offensive subjects should be excluded." Be careful here, hate and grossly offensive subjects are also protected by the same freedom of speech you claim to stand for. You may not like it, and you may be grossly offended, but the famous quote says "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

  • overlogged


     10 days ago

    Its all about disarming nations, it has nothing to do with rights, logic or arguments, if plan is to make world a global willage then armed society is something that could say f-off, who needs that, there is a gun lobby, but imagine how big is the anti gun lobby thats causing trouble every single year, I dont thinl those people are that stupid to think that taking away guns from legal owners will make the world a better place, they are just well payed, if something does not make sens - all you can be sure its about money

  • Salaseivästäjät Spearfishing

    Salaseivästäjät Spearfishing

     10 days ago

    Well said!

  • FarmCraft101


     10 days ago +1

    Couldn't have said it better myself! ;-)

  • snteevveetns


     10 days ago +1

    Here here (pounding cane on floor)

  • lancefromohio


     10 days ago

    Your Cans->Lower video series is one of my favorite on You Tube. I've rewatched it several times. No intention of doing it myself, don't own any guns. I just like watching people who are good at things do those things.
    When you mentioned your videos had been taken down, I went back and saw that the series is missing a few. Are they available anywhere else?