Annoying Customers

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 11, 2016
  • Here's part two of the subway stories. If any of you have an annoying customer story, tell me in the comments! I want to read them!Also, special thanks to Jaiden Animations for voicing a customer (go check her out) : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Twitter ➤ ➤
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  • Jaiden Animations

     3 years ago

    i just like my cheese with 100% 'merican freedom dont judge

  • Stephanie Liriano

     35 minutes ago

    Jaiden Animations 👋 hi l am a fan you are so awesome 👏 and cool 😎 l am so happy to see you and watch theodd1souts comics they are so funny 😂

  • Abby The Unicorn

     3 days ago

    i want straws I just wanted to be the last to reply :)

  • Matt Freake

     15 days ago

    🍅s are red Blood is tooWhat color is 💧The Answer is blueThis is a poemAnd it’s coolI got a likeIt isn’t blue!

  • Girl With The Blue Hoodie

     40 minutes ago

    Blood is notWater is not

  • BlueBunnyYT

     5 hours ago

    Water is actually white, but the sun reflects the sky on it

  • Vanesha Jagroo

     1 months ago

    3:54So.. no one's gonna talk about the dog in the section where the vegetables are..

  • XxxTentacion Is A Legend

     16 hours ago


  • Kathyrn Peirson

     23 hours ago

    Nope lmao

  • ImAKween

     9 days ago

    J = JustA = AnotherM = ManE = EatingS = Sooubway

  • Morgan Allison

     9 hours ago


  • Kiarra Draper

     4 days ago

    @snowslayerbeats001 applehead ツ Just my opinion?

  • Empire Cloak

     9 days ago

    3 things happened today.1) My friend said this video sucks.2) He got hit by a bus.3) I lost my bus driving license.

  • Nagol Sesom

     11 hours ago

    @blink reeeejxjxjxjchbchx

  • Flop Duarte


    That’s the worse day ever sorry

  • FBI

     1 years ago

    *Legend has that he still wants it on the side*

  • Cosette Khoury

     14 days ago

    Lol.... But is this guy trying to day... I actually wanna know

  • random letters

     1 months ago


  • Namayande Sailzadegan

     2 days ago

    You're one of the funniest and cutest people on the planet. This video was fabulous. Thank you and best wishes.

  • shadow Lurker

     6 days ago

    Robber: GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY IN THE CASH REGISTER James: would you like a sooubway with that?Robber: yes i would

  • GingerWithUhJ

     2 days ago


  • Unspeakable girl

     4 days ago

    shadow Lurker lol

  • THE Unknown

     18 hours ago

    Me watching this playing clash of clans 6:23 laughing my head of

  • ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ɪɴꜱɪᴅᴇ

     20 days ago

    As you're holding his hand he's just like " *why are you yelling at me?* "4:55

  • PokemonDanger 12

     13 days ago


  • Drew Eyster

     16 days ago

    0:09 nananananana sooubway