3 Days Solo Survival - No Food, No Shelter, No Water

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 30, 2019
  • This was a trip filmed for a mini documentary series that's separate from this channel. I decided to edit it down to the main parts of the trip to share with my subscribers.

    I spent 3 days on a solo survival trip with no food, shelter, or water. I built a natural shelter on the first day and started my fire. I brought a single pot to boil creek water to make it safe for drinking.
    On the second day I began my quest for food. I set snares and was able to trap two ground squirrels that I cooked over my fire and ate. Later in the second day I built a small stool to sit on using my saw, hatchet, and knife.
    On the third day I boiled the remains from my squirrel dinner to create a tasty broth that I drank for breakfast.

    On this trip I filmed nearly 20 hours of footage, and by the evening of the second day I was running out of battery life on my camera and memory storage as well. There was a lot of less interesting content I filmed, such as the identification of wild edible plants and the explanations of what I was doing and why.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/2zTAVPkeF0k


  • dfletcher2007


     6 months ago +3074

    A couple years ago, I went into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for an overnighter. I brought a nice steak and potatoes to make a stew. I also put some bacon and eggs in a small bag about 50 yards from my camp site, suspended high in a tree. I set my camp: hammock, tarp, little camp fire, and a nice fat log to sit on. Made my stew and it was amazing. The area was a little dry, so I extinguished my little fire and went to bed. Long after dark, as I was about to drift into sleep, I heard a rustle in the grass a few yards from my hammock. I few seconds later I heard the sound again. I slowly reached my hand up to pull the side of the hammock down so I could see what it was. Stalking though my camp was a mountain lion, it was huge. I shifted my weight in the hammock and the lion heard me. Instead of running away, it turned toward me and went into a crouching posture. There is a hanging pocket on my hammock, and before I went to bed I put a 0.40 caliber S&W pistol in it. I reached for the pistol, aimed, and fired at the lion which was stalking slowly toward me. The flash and sound was overwhelming in the dark. I couldn't see for 30 seconds or so. The lion was gone. "To hell with this," I thought. I left all my gear in camp, and hiked out to my vehicle (a few hundred yards away). I spent the night in the front seat, my nerves frazzled, and my ears ringing. I didn't sleep much, if at all. In the morning I went back to the camp. I was worried about the state of the animal, was it dead nearby? Injured and suffering? I searched a large area and found no blood or hair or any indication the lion had been injured. I concluded I had missed my shot. It was literally a shot in the dark. I was relieved that I hadn't killed or injured it. I figure the lion had probably smelled the cooking food, and wandered into the area looking for a meal. When the guy in the video put the leftover squirrel into a pot in a tree a few hundred yards away, it reminded me of this story. I thought it would be unwise to let my fire burn all night because of how dry the area had been in recent months. In hindsight I could have taken a few shots at the side of the hill next to the camp, perhaps this would have made enough noise to deter any wildlife from coming too close. I've never been back to that area.

  • Dade Fietkau

    Dade Fietkau



  • Mayo Klown

    Mayo Klown


    ASMR warning



     2 days ago

    Circle of mothafaking life!!! GO for it

  • Swissl


     2 days ago

    MY EARSS when he lit the fire.

  • Spasquicky modt

    Spasquicky modt

     3 days ago

    Good but the most sad thing is you killed poor animals eonly to make a video of that

  • Pessimistic Pantomath V

    Pessimistic Pantomath V

     5 days ago

    Well you know technically you don’t have to eat the meat, perhaps you could have found berries and greens and vegetable and legume or something which isn’t animal...and you chose to do this for fun in first place...but it taste good tho, which is great justification.

  • Rubens XD

    Rubens XD

     5 days ago


  • Cuchara & Tenedor

    Cuchara & Tenedor

     6 days ago

    Kill animals for a simple show. disgusting

  • Yoorick


     7 days ago +1

    when minecraft players leaves pc and go outside once

  • Milan


     7 days ago

    He said no nothing
    pull out axe

  • Boarbot 78

    Boarbot 78

     7 days ago

    I though that you where going to cook 9 meals, not one.



     7 days ago +1

    I'm 38 years young and I love to do things like this. I just want to say that you seam like a young man your parents and grandparents back every generation should and would be proud of. Its such a shame that you can't even put the cleaning and preparing of the squirrels on your video without being afraid it will be taken down. It just shows how twisted and perverted the world has gotten when porn can be on everything and you can't teach people to clean and prepare food without them taking it down. Their are so many young people that would starve if they was ever in this situation . So I say awesome job young man and one heck of an awesome beird. This is the kind of thing I wish my son would go out with me to do still . But all he worries about is other things .

  • Fernando


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  • James M K

    James M K

     7 days ago

    People are using God for any kind of excuse.

  • Key.C !!

    Key.C !!

     7 days ago

    tht skunk story was amazing lol

  • einfach dumm

    einfach dumm

     7 days ago


  • Midousuji Akira

    Midousuji Akira

     7 days ago

    oh give me a break u can survive 3 weeks without food all u have to do is find 2 liters of water and those 3 days are done aint that hard

  • sneaker-class


     7 days ago

    ofc he looks like that

  • Ghost_ Slaayer

    Ghost_ Slaayer

     7 days ago

    Honestly i used to make the same videos as a kid I would go in my backyard and pretend The pinecones were food Too bad I don’t have the videos