REVEALING MY HIDDEN TATTOO + the meanings behind them.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 16, 2018
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  • Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch

     3 months ago

    My hidden tattoo is gigantic. No one has seen it aside from my best friend and the tattoo artist.

  • Kisha Juju

    Kisha Juju

     8 months ago

    Hey we are birthday twins!!!! ❤🥳 Jan 3rd

  • samarie johnson

    samarie johnson

     8 months ago

    I never knew we had the same birthday

  • Jen B

    Jen B

     9 months ago

    U said el sagundo wrong

  • Matthew Monaco

    Matthew Monaco

     11 months ago

    She's no where close to being financially stable. To be all set at that young of an age about 2-4 mill is enough. Seeing 30k in your account is peanuts in today's day.

  • chandler carr

    chandler carr

     11 months ago

    omg I didn’t even realize her YouTube name until she said her name was chandler too and I freaked cuz me too girl!!😂❤️

  • Chics Palace

    Chics Palace

     11 months ago

    How do u do that THUMBNAIL??😱😱😱😱

  • Ramon Parra

    Ramon Parra

     a years ago


  • YoBoy SPADE

    YoBoy SPADE

     a years ago

    I was PRAYING you drop dem draws...dem breasts look lovely too....

  • YoBoy SPADE

    YoBoy SPADE

     a years ago

    You are sooooo CAPRICORN....

  • Celeste Stephanie

    Celeste Stephanie

     a years ago +1

    Love the tumnail

  • Ky Ky

    Ky Ky

     a years ago

    Sooo the thumbnail had nothing to do with the video ?

  • heavenly unice

    heavenly unice

     a years ago

    My birthday is the 4 aye we 1 day apart 😘

  • 21Chavez


     a years ago +1

    I'm sorry but, side boob

  • Jason Gates

    Jason Gates

     a years ago

    If you think the finger tattoos hurt, just wait until childbirth. :D

  • Gurrell Betton

    Gurrell Betton

     a years ago

    Real nice tattoo.⚘

  • jeremiah lee

    jeremiah lee

     a years ago

    You are soooo fine😍😍😍😍

  • Makenna Palmer

    Makenna Palmer

     a years ago

    is there a reason that they’re all on the right side of your body?

  • brons Wales

    brons Wales

     a years ago

    She looks 16

  • Bussdown .Eliyah

    Bussdown .Eliyah

     a years ago

    My birthday October 13th