I'm too Awkward for My Own Good

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 13, 2016
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  • Khârn the Cuddly

    Khârn the Cuddly

     2 years ago +3600

    Me: makes too many jokes
    Everybody: No response
    Me: ok then, can i just disappear now?

  • Hater Kitten

    Hater Kitten

     7 months ago +1653

    For some reason, all the good YouTubers are awkward

  • Elizabeth Staubus

    Elizabeth Staubus

     3 months ago +193

    Me: ok see you later
    Friend: ok bye
    We walk in the same direction

  • Iris


     2 months ago +129

    My teacher : Happy Birthday !
    Me : Thanks ! You too !
    It's been 9 years and I'm still cringing

  • AlphaAmoeba


     4 months ago +385

    Me: *kisses my grandma in the cheek in a restaurant*
    It wasnt my grandma
    *cringes for the rest of the day*

  • gasp


     2 years ago +4751

    Passport control: Enjoy your flight
    Me: you too
    cringes for next 6 years

  • Isaac Corrales

    Isaac Corrales

     5 months ago +745

    McDonalds Worker: Your total is $5.78."
    Me: Have a nice day

  • Somewhat Psycho

    Somewhat Psycho

     7 months ago +452

    I once ordered a steak at a restaurant because I didn’t have my order prepared and it was the first thing I saw. I’m vegan.

  • mega bbq chaaaps

    mega bbq chaaaps

     7 months ago +595

    she probably thought i was some flustered lesbian or something
    woah there broskis thanks for the likes, yeehaw 🤠

  • No Just no.

    No Just no.

     5 months ago +231

    Oh my god why is this chick glaring at me so intensely???

  • Shiny Milotic

    Shiny Milotic

     3 years ago +5010

    you ever walking then think about how your walking and walk weird

  • Joshua Moore

    Joshua Moore

     5 months ago +66

    Once upon a time, I was awkward. And that's the story of my Life. The end.

  • Gottinn


     6 months ago +432

    Me: (Daydreaming, staring into space)
    Friend: Why are you staring at that girls butt?
    Me: what? No, I was just thinking...
    Friend: Yeah about her butt?
    Me: No! Whatever...
    A few seconds later
    Me: (Daydreaming again)
    Friend: Now you’re staring at that other girls butt??
    Me: No! I was just daydreaming!
    Friend: Yeah! ABOUT HER BUTT!

  • Sabrine Dabouih

    Sabrine Dabouih

     3 months ago +23

    When it's your birthday and everybody is singing for you and you're just sitting there... and waiting.

  • lacshi994


     6 months ago +174

    3:52 hmmm how about 'pasta with no sauce' :)

  • Atomic Player

    Atomic Player

     2 years ago +1618

    Stranger: Hey, do you like burgers or hotdogs
    Me: What?
    Stranger; Do you like burgers or hotdogs
    Me: Yes.

  • Troubled Pineapple

    Troubled Pineapple

     4 months ago +63

    One time this guy introduced himself to me, but the way he said it made it sound like a question and I thought he was asking if that was MY last name. I said, "no". He was so confused. I literally told him "no" when he introduced himself... face palm

  • Shwibi Tech

    Shwibi Tech

     5 months ago +112

    My Father: Best of luck!
    Me: Same to you
    facepalms and falls to the ground

  • Jennifer Liu

    Jennifer Liu

     4 months ago +65

    When you’re eating and staring off into space and suddenly realize you’re staring at someone with an open mouth full of food.

  • knight Fanta

    knight Fanta

     3 months ago +33

    Airport, boarding, many behind me
    Attendant: Where are you going?
    Me: Philosophy.
    Attendant: Philadelphia?
    K I L L M E