Home-Built Mazda Miata Drift Car Slays on a Budget!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 24, 2019
  • Lil' Clutch Kick is a kid that came out of nowhere and shredded at our first Burnyard Bash in the rain - then came back (with an all-new look) and threw down even harder for Burnyard Bash II. So of course we're giving this dude his own episode. AND a little bonus there at the end. The lesson here? Be more like Lil' Clutch Kick!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/33DlcTfWwO4


  • Hoonigan Project Cars

    Hoonigan Project Cars

     5 months ago +722

    How much Horsepower is enough to party?!

  • James Miley

    James Miley

     2 days ago

    I'm also just biased because I love miatas, but Hert I think Hachi would have something to say about ripping it with 100hp.

  • 90lxFox


     2 days ago

    i fucking love miatas

  • Christopher Stankiewicz

    Christopher Stankiewicz

     2 days ago


  • dubya TF

    dubya TF

     7 days ago

    A couple things- I feel like he'd be THE guy to cover grass roots drift stuff for the bonus channel and as an old guy it makes me happy to think there's some little kids out there that see Shartkart on here and that's what gets them into cars. Maybe there'll be a Shartkart poster to hang up?

  • Donavon Gaines

    Donavon Gaines

     7 days ago

    What’s the spoiler

  • E Whit

    E Whit

     7 days ago

    1:25 nice

  • Aspix


     7 days ago +1

    Modern day Takumi Fujiwara

  • Kyle Fpv

    Kyle Fpv

     7 days ago +1

    awesome.....real proof you dont need sponsors, 500hp, or deep pockets to have fun

  • supakidgalaxy


     7 days ago

    Another episode with him!

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz

     14 days ago

    Damn I wish I had my Miata even if it wasn't running 😭😭😭

  • Uzi Hellrising

    Uzi Hellrising

     21 days ago

    That was fukken dope !

  • X01P10N


     21 days ago

    8.33 my man is wearing crocs lmao

  • wassupYOUTOOB


     a months ago

    That was awesome, man can that fella drive!

  • Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

     a months ago

    Another great vid

  • darkinertia2


     a months ago

    when hert flew in, that shit gave me goosebumps hahah this kid is awesome

  • Joseph Cohen

    Joseph Cohen

     a months ago

    I think Hert found his new best friend lol.

  • Learning Experience

    Learning Experience

     a months ago

    Someone sponsor this man

  • G T

    G T

     a months ago

    He fucking ripsss

  • Lash LaRue

    Lash LaRue

     a months ago

    Wow. Mad respect. After watching all these spoiled little left-coast brats with $500,000 hypercars, it's refreshing to see a skilled driver ripping it up with an almost bone-stock Miata. Goes to show which side of the power-to-weight ratio is most important, always...