2 Feet of Snow, 3 Days in the Forest - Overnight Adventure

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 24, 2018
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    The biggest Winter Storm in Decades is approaching and it will be measured in Feet, not inches! Hundreds of Thousands will lose power and lives will be lost.

    This is a 3 Day Winter Storm Adventure which includes elements of backpacking, camping and bushcraft!

    Merry Christmas everyone, thank you all for an amazing year and for being so kind to my family and I.


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  • TheOutdoorGearReview


     11 months ago +318

    Merry Christmas to all of my Youtube Friends!
    I hope that you all have an amazing time with your friends and family.

    I would love to hear from you all, comment down below and share where you are from; it doesn't have to be specific; state, country, etc. I would love to know where you all are watching from.

    Again, thank you for joining me for this adventure. On to the next.
    Merry Christmas!
    - Luke

  • Kong Truong

    Kong Truong

     16 hours ago

    Look like u camp on a trail from my view.

  • Dozer Rl

    Dozer Rl

     23 hours ago

    Thank you so much. I was literally crying with laughter. Especially that ridiculous "shovel". My 7 year old can tie better knots. And when he cut himself on the saw.It's like something out of a comedy show. Looking forward to more laughs.......

  • Donna Reiche

    Donna Reiche

     2 days ago

    I love your enthusiasm. Have you ever thought of facilitating small-group camping trips? You know, taking a small, small group of people and teaching them how to carry out their own excursions in the future? There are probably many people who would love to experience these adventures but don’t know how, do not readily have access to knowledgeable mentors and/or don’t have the skill set required to carry out such an amazing get away. Obviously not a glanping trips, a true get back to basics like your personal adventures.

  • Ventura Bushcraft

    Ventura Bushcraft

     3 days ago

    Happy holidays from California. Luv your show bro!

  • anonymous person

    anonymous person

     5 days ago

    it looks like something runs past behind him over his left shoulder (your right)

  • Big Chungy

    Big Chungy

     5 days ago

    whats that in the background at 34:09

  • 夢之龍


     7 days ago


  • Tommy Brumfield

    Tommy Brumfield

     7 days ago

    nice video brother reminded me of me and my brothers growing up wish it was still like that,, but u pushed me to take time for myself and go on a trip like that just to get back to myself,,,, great video hopefully this year we will get another storm like that and get more camping in here in Blacksburg va

  • Blake Ehmke

    Blake Ehmke

     7 days ago

    What headlamp are you using?

  • Callsign Vega

    Callsign Vega

     7 days ago

    Never buy any products from a company that moves production to crappy China.

  • Anthony Grosso

    Anthony Grosso

     7 days ago +1

    This is one of your very best videos ever. "We all have it pretty good" - very well said. Happy holidays to you, your wife and your brother.

  • aaron Hernandez

    aaron Hernandez

     7 days ago

    Nice loved it brother I wish i could do that

  • Derek Siler

    Derek Siler

     7 days ago

    Is it me but was that a grage in the background in the beginning?

  • Melanie Cantin

    Melanie Cantin

     7 days ago

    The view of the daylight rising in the forest with all this snow is simply beautiful!
    It makes me want to try winter camping. Thank you for this video

  • Eric Hensley

    Eric Hensley

     7 days ago

    How do I get gear to test out?

  • Thorfinn986_doesn't_do_average


     7 days ago

    I can't believe it took you that long to start the fire, I mean knowing there was a snow storm coming in, or does it go that dark that quickly up there?.

  • TheGuitarmanrh


     7 days ago

    Nice but I would not call that a storm!! I wonder how you would fare with one inch snow pieces with a howling 40mph side wind! So the snow is coming sideways and stinging as it hits you!!!!, That's a snow fall Your in yes, easy peasy, Try a howling snow blizzard that lasts for two days then show us some "Bush craft"?? By the way solid fuel fire lighters are NOT Bush craft!

  • Laurie Walsh

    Laurie Walsh

     7 days ago

    You're awesome Luke

  • korky7775


     7 days ago

    Hi to all, I live in the UK and finding land that does not belong to someone is really hard and most land owners are very protective towards it...However my question is : In the States when you camp in the middle of nowhere do you take a fire arm with you as a matter of course as you have lots of very toothy critters roaming around and a far few human nutters...thanks.