G2 eSports vs Team Liquid - Game 3 | Grand Final LoL MSI 2019 | G2 vs TL G3

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • msi 2019 TL vs G2 G3 2019 Lol eSports Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage - Team Liquid vs G2 eSports Game 3. MSI 2019 TL vs G2 VOD.
    2019 MSI Group Stage full playlist: https://bit.ly/2JiotQr
    League of Legends Season 9 Mid-Season Invitational in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
    Third game of the day - G2 eSports vs Team Liquid vs best of 5 Game 3. G2 vs TL G3.

    G2 eSports Line-up:
    Wunder - top Neeko
    Jankos - jungle Jarvan IV
    Caps - mid Irelia
    PerkZ - ADC Xayah
    Mykix - support Rakan

    Team Liquid Line-up:
    Impact - Top Vladimir
    Xmithie - Jungle Sejuani
    Jensen - Mid Syndra
    DoubleLift - ADC Kaisa
    CoreJJ - Support Alistar

    Patch: 9.8 - Season 9
    Game date: 19.05.2019 | 05/19/2019 | May 19th 2019
    Game place: Heping Basketball Gymnasium, Taipei
    Casters: Vedius, Kobe and Phreak

    #MSI #2019MSI #FINALS

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/37Y2qHiTzuE