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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 5, 2020
  • Year to date, shares of BYD has gone up by 377%, turning a thousand-dollar investment into four thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars.
    The 377% increase in share price had many catalysts along the way, and we will discuss them today.
    BYD is in Cathie Wood's ARKQ EFT and Warren Buffets portfolio.
    If you're wondering if BYD stock is a good buy? Then please watch the video to understand why I believe BYD is one of the strongest players in the EV market but does not get all the attention like NIO and Xpeng.

    In March 2020, the company launched its revolutionary Blade battery. According to He Long, president of BYD's battery business unit, nearly every automaker you've ever heard of has reached out to BYD regarding "technical cooperation," especially after Blade's launch.
    Since many traditional automakers have not invested heavily in developing their own batteries, BYD has ample opportunities to generate revenue from battery sales. They currently have seven operational blade battery factories in China.
    All of the catalysts mentioned in this video are responsible for sending the pricing soaring over 300%, and BYD is still in the beginning stage of its growth cycle.
    Its stock price will keep going up as it continues to sell more buses, cars, and batteries.

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