[Spoiler] The Siege of Lordaeron: Turn The Tide

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 14, 2018
  • Overwhelmed by the relentlessness of the Horde, all seems lost—until Jaina Proudmoore arrives to help turn the tide.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/3CGBLVNpoKo


  • Xal

     11 months ago

    Please give us Glyph of Ship Arcane Missiles

  • White Eagle

     11 months ago

    My point is that glyphs are too tightly tied to class abilties to be limited to a single profession. This should be obvious for anyone with half a brain...Runes in d3 are unlocked automatically by leveling - these inscriptions should work like artifact appearances instead but similarly tied to class and spec.And if you are a scribe don't be butthurt, they should get primary agi, int, strength scrolls or similar temporary effect stuff - LIKE ALL OTHER PROFS BY THE WAY - to compensate for this change. ...

  • schippes24

     11 months ago

    White Eagle every class can learn inscription plus you can buy it from the auction houses.. What's your point?

  • Lucas Ribeiro

     11 months ago

    Beware the daughter of the sea!!!

  • Jin the banana from the left

     3 months ago

    Daughter of cringe and racism sprinkled with outbursts but aight..

  • Happojee

     11 months ago

    More like daughter of the seal ! "snort"

  • suddeN

     11 months ago

    What about Azhara warbringer yo

  • Alir - O

     11 months ago

    suddeN most likely the next major patch because RN we fighting the horde or alliance

  • Alijamaru

     11 months ago

    2nd part of the expansion after the horde vs alliance thing is over

  • Corteaz 27

     11 months ago

    If Jaina can do all of that by herself, seemingly without any cost, what is even the point of having a battle? Surely its instantly over now.

  • Killercoldice22

     11 months ago

    her and thrall are friends tho which is why she won't slaughter all the horde and shes also found more peace of mind.

  • John Doe

     11 months ago

    WTB glyph of arcane broadside

  • Slapperfish

     11 months ago

    0:14 Genn's ears freeze for a split second.

  • The Scarlet Tear

     11 months ago

    Ok , I'm a huge horde fan but I love Jaina so much .

  • Jonatan S

     11 months ago

    She has changed so much over the story. And with good reason.

  • Raiden4565

     1 months ago

    alliance foward !...yeah..recall me how much you were before the beginning of this battle in the cinematic? .. about 5000 ... and now?! .. about 40 .... Anduin, we'll have to take over army management lesson :)

  • CrazyCrezarak Arak

     11 months ago

    Stop posting the same things and release the Ashzara war bringer!

  • World of August

     11 months ago

    Beautiful Teeth r/woosh

  • silverspear21

     11 months ago

    Harbinger* and they were all relevant to Legion from the beginning. Azshara is not relevant right now.

  • HuntedSoul O

     11 months ago

    Now Ship mount for mages? With attacking abilities while riding.