Guess Who's Muslim (Post Interview) | Lineup | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 26, 2017
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  • SA


     a years ago +2066

    "I don't think she's Muslim I actually think she's African American " LMFAOOOOOOOOO

  • Sunny Lu

    Sunny Lu

     a years ago +3215

    Bruh all of these people attractive asf

  • Salma Speaks

    Salma Speaks

     a years ago +3121

    girl from kenya is stunning...

  • Tabby Wothaya

    Tabby Wothaya

     a years ago +1095

    Fatuma your melanin is poppin!!!!!!!

  • Tee _

    Tee _

     a years ago +776

    I’m 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀. “I’m surprised a lot of people didn’t know it was called a turban”. He said in the most calmest attitude. I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂.

  • Sole SlySoul

    Sole SlySoul

     a years ago +1065

    People get ethicity, race, nationality, and religion confused all the time.
    EDITED: Never in my life I thought I would see so many people liked one of my comment anywhere. Big ups to you people.

  • Zoha Abid

    Zoha Abid

     a years ago +197

    That Syrian guy made me cry. May Allah help the Syrians.

  • Syafiq Razip

    Syafiq Razip

     a years ago +2109

    Fatuma is lowkey beautiful

  • Summer K

    Summer K

     a years ago +655

    Fatima is so intelligent and beautiful 😍 she represents Islam so well

  • Ishrat Rahman

    Ishrat Rahman

     a years ago +111

    That Syrian boy left me speechless.....when he said that " Is Islam actually related with peace and then indicated the condition of Syria over years"....i felt really bad and couldnt answer to this....though peace is the one of the main beliefs in Islam

  • Lerissa


     a years ago +434

    the kenyan girl is BEAUTIFUL

  • Franken Frank

    Franken Frank

     a years ago +286

    Syrian guy is so so so gorgeous

  • Roo


     a years ago +336

    The syrian guy fares , teared my heart apart talking about Syria.

  • Iyanna Bogden

    Iyanna Bogden

     a years ago +833

    Here you go people:
    @iamiyannaofficial & @_iamiyanna
    Thank you for watching the video ☺️💕

  • Devin Jones

    Devin Jones

     a years ago +216

    The 19year old here Devin the name lol
    Here’s my IG:Devj323! I had a lot of fun with these other beautiful people and learned a lot as well

  • lauren eh

    lauren eh

     a years ago +218

    The Kenyan-Somalian(Bantu) woman is gorgeoussssss!!

  • Aisha Ahmed

    Aisha Ahmed

     a years ago +1311

    I thought that the guy in the yellow shirt was extremely rude, especially to the Sikh guy

  • V ! C T O R ! A

    V ! C T O R ! A

     a years ago +176

    everyone in this video is so beautiful

  • Dalal J

    Dalal J

     a years ago +40

    "You can look any type of way and be a Muslim" that's so trueeee

  • Chinmaya Dehury

    Chinmaya Dehury

     a years ago +125

    Fatima made the most sense