Discontinued Shaq Pack Burger Taste Test

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
  • What's the discontinued burger we may or may not want back? SHAQ! GMMore #1418

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/3MERb8VdW4I


  • M P

    M P

     3 hours ago

    Hey, they should do this with McDonalds and maybe an episode with discontinued soda’s

  • TheChris812


     5 hours ago

    You can get cheddar cheese sauce in Denmark.

  • The Movie Dealers

    The Movie Dealers

     9 hours ago

    Over 550 cows were slaughtered to make Shaq's giant leather trenchcoat.

  • L S

    L S

     13 hours ago

    This is the best taste that I've had in seven weeks

  • Unseen Golden Shadow

    Unseen Golden Shadow

     14 hours ago

    One thing i want Rhett and Link to try is the infamous "satan" gummy bears. They are sugar free and i believe that they are from the Albanese candy brand. Basically they supposedly are to have an extreme laxative effect. I want to know if this is true before i buy a bunch to give to my ex.

  • Ozan Akyıldız

    Ozan Akyıldız

     15 hours ago

    You had me at sourdough

  • Ozan Akyıldız

    Ozan Akyıldız

     15 hours ago

    You had me at sourdough

  • Laura Hafner

    Laura Hafner

     15 hours ago

    And now I’m hungry 😋

  • Jficca623


     15 hours ago

    Sheetz gas station is the GOAT 🔥

  • Spenser Walker

    Spenser Walker

     16 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Josh could be related to Jesse Eisenberg?

  • Lia S.

    Lia S.

     16 hours ago

    I did the jazz hands thing on the elevator and the guy found me later and punched me in the face "for taunting him" thanks gmm

  • Joe Akers

    Joe Akers

     19 hours ago

    Remember Hardee’s fried chicken

  • Raemon Mustang

    Raemon Mustang

     21 hours ago

    Can we talk about the tomato situation for a sec. They hired a Mythical Chef, who worked hard on the culinary items shown, and then Link rudely destroys the aesthetic beauty with his passionate hatred of one of the best vegetables available at BK.

  • Eily Toon

    Eily Toon

     23 hours ago

    Josh the mustache is a no.
    (Loik if you agreeeee)

  • Adiaha Alexander

    Adiaha Alexander


    3:24 You sounded like P.C Principal from South Park.

  • masterx1907



    Uh no

  • Cécile van Aalst

    Cécile van Aalst


    A backwards cap and a half-grown moustache. Josh gives me that creepy teenage guy vibes, especially with the man boobs and gross eating. Keep that tongue in your mouth man, no one wants to see that.

  • Emma Stanley

    Emma Stanley


    I honestly get a little annoyed now every time Link has to take a tomato off of something specially made for them lol. Y’all know he doesn’t like tomatoes pls take care of him

  • GoodDayDarling



    Remember when Shaq was on fresh off the boat as the ultimate car dealership manager?

  • Lidy



    Number 15, Booger King Fart Lettuce