Woman Buys $2.99 Ornament At Thrift Store— What She Notices Inside— Daughter Wouldn’t Touch It

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 28, 2018
  • Priscilla Bailey spotted the blue-and-silver heart-shaped bauble among the used goods at the Plymouth Savers store. And she thought that it would look pretty displayed alongside her collection of other similar pieces.

    She paid $2.99 for the item and, despite wondering what might be inside the glass heart, she took it home. “I thought about it for a minute when I first picked it up,” Bailey subsequently told CBS Boston. “I thought it was pretty, so maybe it was meant to come here.”

    After Priscilla arrived home, the trinket caught the eye of her daughter, Kat Bartlett, who on closer inspection made a shocking discovery. Bartlett has a keen interest in ornamental glass and sells repurposed glassware online.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/3SaJtY7J3ME


  • barb ryll

    barb ryll

     3 months ago +332

    Looks like the heart ended up in the right hands!! Can hardly wait for the mystery to be solved!! Thanks for sharing and goodluck

  • Speedytyperman Answers

    Speedytyperman Answers


    This is the major reason why I dont buy used stuff or thraft store or yard sales. What if there's something supernatural related and you bought it and brought it home. Now you'll have bad luck and hauntings and things of that nature that you do not want.

  • MC1R Gene

    MC1R Gene

     2 days ago

    Ashes are ashes. My parents ashes are in a storage locked. That is only part of the ashes, human ashes are much large in mass than you make think. My Mom was under 5' foot and less than 90 lbs when she died and her ashes barely fit into the antique porcelain Bourbon bottle she requested that she be place in, it was a 5th. My Dad is in an antique Chinese porcelain jar. As for me, my body goes to UW Medical, on my death, I like to be useful.

  • Sandy L

    Sandy L

     2 days ago

    The Heart Looks Like a Kugle. Which is a German Christmas Ornament. The Gold Top is a true give away.

  • Franklin Timmy

    Franklin Timmy

     2 days ago

    Inside are ashes of dead relatives or dogs.

  • Linda Wloszczynski

    Linda Wloszczynski

     3 days ago

    I'm a glass artist.... some of us make what we call "cremains", which are glass containers lampworked to hold a loved ones ashes, that people order from us. This is probably a cremains item, with metal beadcaps and findings. No mystery.
    I do think this is advertising for the gals "glass repurposing" store.

  • Bri Kapp

    Bri Kapp

     3 days ago

    Blah blah blah. Shut up already.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Elizabeth Johnson

     3 days ago

    She should take it to a funeral home. .. They have cremation ornaments necklaces bracelets...ect

  • ricky holman

    ricky holman

     6 days ago

    I was thinking gold jewels 💎 Ruby’s pearls but no ashes 🤔😴 shame straight to the bin 😂 try again

  • Carol smartass

    Carol smartass

     7 days ago

    Although I don't like the color blue, this is a beautiful Urn,  I hope she is able to find the person who need to have it back..

  • Raquel Gomez

    Raquel Gomez

     8 days ago

    keep it .... and pray .... destiny of something beautiful

  • william dawkins

    william dawkins

     8 days ago

    Check with local funeral homes or crematorium.

  • Eva Black

    Eva Black

     8 days ago

    Some things do remain a mystery 😭😭😭

  • David Reece

    David Reece

     8 days ago

    Never ever seen anything like that at Savers in the UK just cheap cosmetics.

  • Rob


     12 days ago

    Some junkie sold his mothers ashes for a dime bag - welcome to America.

  • Nicky Erps

    Nicky Erps

     14 days ago

    It must not have bin inportend i gues.or els u would say that someone should have said something by now.but still i hope this gets a happy ending

  • Dale Cresswell

    Dale Cresswell

     14 days ago


  • D Hager

    D Hager

     14 days ago

    Because of small size my first thought is the ashes are someone's beloved pet. More than likely belonging to a deceased owner & unknowingly disrespected.

  • Dakota Stein

    Dakota Stein

     16 days ago

    there is always chance those ashes may not even be remains.

  • Byrd Feengrs

    Byrd Feengrs

     20 days ago

    this video is too lobg and drawn out repeating the same thing and theres no ending