10 ways Android is just better

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
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  • Aalavi

     5 months ago

    Imagine forgetting the password to LastPass

  • Quin Ravenclaw boi



  • mincraft0990

     3 days ago

    It happened to me😂

  • M Isa

     4 months ago

    "A portion of this video is sponsored by LastPass"Wait... They couldn't afford to sponsor the whole video?

  • FireMonkey

     1 months ago

    By portion he just means the part where he talks about lastpass

  • Shadoufang

     1 months ago

    Hey! Figured it out! The subtitle portion must be sponsored by Bollywood :o He only has Hindi subtitles.

  • Mr Nuts LOL

     4 months ago

    Thanks, but I prefer my Gucci Smart Toilet™ for all my texting and calling needs.

  • the groveinator

     1 months ago

    Nah my Gucci smart carpets better

  • Yeet Yeet

     1 months ago

    Mr Nuts LOL same bruh

  • vlad1

     3 months ago

    We make simple things... Harder...- Apple

  • AwesomeFrost


    ....And more expensive-Apple

  • stamisme my other account

     3 days ago

    Uncle Jake no do your fucking research look at the fuckin budget iPad it has a a10 fusion cpu and look at the iPad mini 5 which is at 399$ and has a A12 cpu (which is as the iPhone XS Max cpu) and it has a p3 color gamut display and 3gb ram and it has a headphone jack

  • Sergej Nadaždin

     2 months ago

    iOs treats you like a user. Android treats you like -an admin- whatever you choose.Customisability!

  • icymeow

     23 hours ago

    @Nicolas Kumhofer - Yeah, downloading apps from the internet is less secure, if you're a dumb fuck and download random shit without doing research. Stop exaggerating everything to make Apple seem good. You're just proving the cult-like nature of iSheep.How about the fact that you get a fast charger out of the box from Samsung? The free Samsung buds deal? They're just nicer to their users than Apple, who have admitted to making updates which slow down old phones to encourage you to upgrade...

  • stamisme my other account

     3 days ago

    PaLaS0 see? That’s your fucking opinion and just don’t call people isheep because they use Apple devices dumbass

  • AzaaKhanTv

     5 months ago

    Apple Will Add These Features After 20 Years And Call It Innovation.

  • Nicolas Kumhofer

     3 days ago

    Dude if u noticed, apple is always the first to introduce their shit, finger print, no headphone jack, evrybody complaints about the things they do, but all the other companies drive the same direction in silence, as noone cars if samsung suddenly also uses no headphone jack. As well as all the samungs fans were like, thos apple idiots, they need a new charger now. Well guess what kid, its about innovation.


     3 months ago

    I have friends that say Apple is better than android.. BUT ANDROID IS AN OS AND APPLE IS A COMPANY. Cmon u know that

  • Exotik Inc


    @UselessDood WATERSHEEEP

  • Jaacob Erazo YT


    Exactly what I said

  • Lanceypantsy17 Gaming

     3 months ago

    1. More apps2. Emulators3. Better UI4. Headphone Jack5. A back button built on the device6. A button built in to scroll through apps without using a command7. Customizable8. Launchers: Make your phone look cooler9. Many versions of Android, so you can choose which one you like10. You can buy apps beyond from the Play StoreEDIT: Well, looks like I started a fight between Apple and Android fans... Yeah, um... sorry about that....

  • Emil Lugovoy


    @meme scams laughing my ass off on my 300$ pocophone that is faster than the latest iPhone and is 3x better than iPhone 6 while also even having a better CAMERA coz I am using gcam!

  • Julien Lindauer

     2 days ago

    More and more Android phones are getting rid of the headphone jack.

  • Artzie Music

     3 months ago

    freedom on how you use your device is everything

  • Jordan Jackson

     1 months ago

    @Sarthak Mohanty yeah and Iphone still doesnt have half the shit I said and is just now getting dark mode 🥶🥶😭😭😂😂

  • Sarthak Mohanty

     1 months ago

    @Jordan Jackson Wow, you can change your BRIGHTNESS!!!! Damn, iPhone must be better

  • Lance TacoMaster

     1 months ago

    Android gang where you at

  • Potatoes Rgewd

     14 hours ago


  • Gaming Famous

     4 days ago

    Samsung S5 person here.