Gordon IN SHOCK Over Useless Owner | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/3_EsEik7FQs


  • Slothdough


     a years ago +2301

    "Yeah, camerateam #2, you'll be outside the entire time, focussing your shot at the back entrance in case gordon has to come out and say something away from the owner and staff."

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

     a years ago +490

    Normally when people say "You had one job" it's hyperbole. Mitch LITERALLY had ONE JOB. The EASIEST JOB. READ YOU DENSE DONUT, READ THE ORDERS.
    Edit: Holy shit he can't bring food to the tables. I can't.

  • Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

     a years ago +656

    Mitch.EXE has stopped working

  • SixOfOne


     a years ago +2370

    Goddammit Mitch, You had one job.. Only one.. 😉🔫

  • Project 101

    Project 101

     a years ago +684

    Finally I found a job for Mitch...
    Sends order to the wrong table🤦‍♂️

  • TheProfessional


     a years ago +621

    I bet he's also that guy on Battlefield that doesn't drop health or ammo.

  • myjungkook


     a years ago +1419

    what kind of name is grasshopper for a restaurant?

  • Plutonium


     a years ago +657

    Mitch has left the chat..

  • iced tea

    iced tea

     a years ago +493

    Mitch is me and Gordon is my maths teacher

  • telepathy90


     a years ago +1989

    Ramsey is the ultimate savage

  • Jason Z

    Jason Z

     a years ago +554

    What is Mitch doing? Can't he just shout out to the kitchen chef what the orders are? HOW!?!?!?!?!? I get that he is stressed and all, but choking up about shouting out orders?

  • Rach Kate

    Rach Kate

     a years ago +255

    I...I...I... NEED A... A..... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ!

  • Joe Carr

    Joe Carr

     a years ago +531

    1900's people : "Next century would be extraordinary with major technological advancements and human behavior."
    2018's people : "NINOOOOOOOOOO."

  • D Wade

    D Wade

     a years ago +645

    10% of comments: about the vid
    90% of comments: NIIIIINNNNOOOOO

  • Newt


     a years ago +533

    G I V E M E F I V E S O U P S

  • rebeccawcleung


     a years ago +152

    Just get rid of Mitch.. solved

  • Tia Welch

    Tia Welch

     a years ago +106

    Editor is getting crazy with the titles lmao

  • BF Network

    BF Network

     a years ago +39

    Gordon: “We finally found a job for the [owner]. He’s running food out.”
    The first thing the owner does is drop food off at the wrong table.

  • SportsFan JW

    SportsFan JW

     a years ago +731

    Nino would have never made such mistakes.
    Why doesn't he have his own show??

  • Musical Train Spotter

    Musical Train Spotter

     a years ago +644

    Even Nino knows better!
    And he’s better at cleaning!