David Dobrik Hometown Friends Best Moments

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 19, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/3ccHuDHO5Qk


  • Ana Mart

    Ana Mart

     7 days ago

    David can I live with you

  • Sadie beebe

    Sadie beebe

     28 days ago +1

    Illya is actually really cute

  • JL Brandon

    JL Brandon

     1 months ago

    luv Traci!!

  • Alex Charlebois

    Alex Charlebois

     1 months ago

    14:21 you good, nope 😂😂

  • John Dace

    John Dace

     1 months ago

    Anyone else realize that David is Vince from Entourage

  • gav


     1 months ago +1

    6:20 hahahahahha

  • Kate Nicole

    Kate Nicole

     2 months ago +20

    should be called "*ilya and dima fighting for 20 minutes*"

  • Jcres26


     2 months ago

    9:40 the gay guy sounds like a whale

  • slt00005


     2 months ago

    Did Ilya have a black eye when he was throwing his phone or am I seeing things?🤔

  • Lila Shania R.

    Lila Shania R.

     2 months ago +2

    David is hot

  • Skleppy


     2 months ago +3

    dima and ilya are the best duo

  • dylan s

    dylan s

     2 months ago +6

    7:04 just take a moment and appreciate heath in the back

  • Sytz_Mythz


     2 months ago

    Lmao people in Minnesota still do sac taps

  • sadly ._.

    sadly ._.

     2 months ago +2

    4:20 hehe

  • Angela Zendejas

    Angela Zendejas

     2 months ago

    If your friend cry for a car everything people cry David you wont give your friends 5 car they start crying and crying they are so happy good

  • Rambo Rocketeer

    Rambo Rocketeer

     2 months ago

    4:55 what's the game they played with odds?

  • 3tap


     2 months ago

    i hate how dima always hits with his belt like ;eran to have fun don't get so pressed

  • Stewart Williams

    Stewart Williams

     2 months ago

    This is for love bitch

  • MurLurPer


     2 months ago

    Why is the whole ass video in 240p

  • Kris Garcia

    Kris Garcia

     2 months ago +39

    Dom, Corrina and Natalie are also hometown friend