Vince Staples Speaks On New Music, Respecting Bow Wow & Why Gangsta Lyrics Are Lame

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 28, 2017
  • Vince Staples Speaks On New Music, Respecting Bow Wow & Why Gangsta Lyrics Are Lame► Listen LIVE:► Facebook:► Twitter:► Instagram: #BreakfastClub
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  • Josh Smithe

    Josh Smithe

     2 years ago +2709

    "I'm not finna be sitting here rapping for a whole hour, for the white man. That's the auction block."😂
    -Vince Staples

  • GO Web

    GO Web

     2 years ago +1589

    He should stop selling albums and just sell interviews. I would buy it lol

  • JustinTime


     2 years ago +4132

    He like a young old head, lol!

  • Andre Aoun

    Andre Aoun

     a years ago +920

    So Vince's sister got shot 3-6 times, and he responds saying "nah she good"

  • Skyy Walker

    Skyy Walker

     2 years ago +3177

    When Vince gets on a roll, hestartstalkinglikethis!!

  • Ben A

    Ben A

     2 years ago +1658

    So ironic how vince knows more about hip-hop music than 99% of the people who claim he's not 'real' hip-hop lol

  • Farosty


     2 years ago +1801

    i became a fan of vince's personality before even listening to his music. this guy has knowledge ...i really appreciate his lyrics now too

  • AngelaLavie


     a years ago +598

    “I’m not rapping for no white for an hour. That’s an auction block.” Lmaoo 💀💀💀

  • Ernest Afoakwah

    Ernest Afoakwah

     a years ago +485

    Charlemagne genuinely likes this guy. This is the first person I've seen him be kind to.

  • Alexia McFadden

    Alexia McFadden

     2 years ago +727

    "How you sellout when Sprite is always on the shelf" 😂😂😂 This man is hilarious

  • Waves10


     2 years ago +220

    "i never said no ecosystem cuz, thats hard" Vince had me dead

  • Sandwichplss


     2 years ago +401

    "Maybe that's how he had his fist up"NOBODY CAUGHT THAT! LOOOOOL Vince actually the goat 14:25

  • Dylan Avery

    Dylan Avery

     a years ago +144

    “Charlemagne knows a lot about complexion” Angela Yee Funny asl for that💀

  • Tony Luo

    Tony Luo

     a years ago +104

    "You don't care nothing about record sales" "That ain't my money"

  • TheMavWith_A_Mouth


     2 years ago +244

    "Idk, maybe that's how he had his fist up, Idk what Michael Jackson doin in his spare time" 😂😂😂✊
    - Vince Staples

  • chiemezue atubi

    chiemezue atubi

     2 years ago +133

    28:25 you call my dad "Don't call me out the house unless nim finna go to jail" 😂😂😂

  • Jason Sutherland

    Jason Sutherland

     2 years ago +102

    Tired of seeing comments all over YouTube like "how you late on bro?" "I've been on for a while now and y'all just getting on???" Like bro just congratulate people for finding an artist that you like. Let them know some songs that's good by them if they just finding them. Don't make fun of people for just finding an artist

  • Randy Romero

    Randy Romero

     a years ago +86

    "they be at a redbox in a lamborghini" 😂😂

  • The Kool Rejects Media Group

    The Kool Rejects Media Group

     2 years ago +2665

    Vince is a Staple in the black community.

  • Vassia Vaneus

    Vassia Vaneus

     2 years ago +240

    Every time Envy starts saying "there you have it" he's ready to end the interview lol 😂