How ESPORTS Became a $1.1 Billion Industry: Sold Out Stadiums, HUGE Prize $$$, Twitch & More…

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
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    Edited by: Maxwell Enright
    Produced by: Amanda Morones, Dylan Siegel

    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Dylan Siegel, Brian Espinoza, Philip DeFranco
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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     7 months ago +683

    Wanna skip around?! TOO BAD WATCH THE WHOLE THING! Now, let's talk about the internets obsession with Keanu and why he's the greatest, yeah? ;)
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  • Fart Disease

    Fart Disease

     21 days ago

    This is a great video. Holy crap.

  • Anthony Peters

    Anthony Peters

     1 months ago

    Arcade tournaments: The weirdo kid Who hogs the game, smells like cheese, and jingles!
    Esports 2002: The nerd who built your game!
    Esports 2012: The stoner who got kicked out of the basement! (fyi tmi dueds smell illegal)
    Esports 2019: The Twiychy Streamer who smell of B.O and Cheese!

  • dumpIings


     2 months ago

    Why so much focus on prize pool. More focus on salaries now. If anything view count matters the most for what the most popular game is currently.

  • ZzrzZ2012


     2 months ago

    Mountain Dew Indirectly sponsoring E Sports since 1982

  • Michael Campbell

    Michael Campbell

     2 months ago

    This is the most literate discussion on this topic that I have yet to see on YouTube. You have a new subscriber!

  • stecky87


     5 months ago

    Imagine getting a gift from Manscaped - that'd be awkward: "What is my girlfriend trying to tell me?!"

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    I personally find this to be a positive thing overall, but as much as I do game, I've never really been into the esports scene myself. I've always found it a bit cringy... but I still very much like that it's as prolific as it is, and I hope it continues to expand.

  • Dan B

    Dan B

     6 months ago

    hey philip you need to talk about the microtransactions in games and how they are affecting the gaming comuninty?

  • Kyle Towner

    Kyle Towner

     6 months ago +1

    Yeah Esports ain't for me for whole number of reasons I like single player games I don't really watch gameplay videos I like to play the games myself and rarely play competitive games therefore that also leads into me not watching competitive gameplay videos so Esports don't really interest me but it crazy to see the numbers they get

  • marcus wellington

    marcus wellington

     6 months ago

    This ant no flash in the pan

  • GamingWillis


     6 months ago

    YouTube Gaming doesn't exist anymore lol

  • Quis Ut Deus

    Quis Ut Deus

     6 months ago

    Phil's manscaping his rogue rocket to preserve his crops?

  • Eme Rose

    Eme Rose

     6 months ago

    Don't forget DJ Khaled's performance at the Overwatch League last year. That was interesting.

  • Mr. Mahogany

    Mr. Mahogany

     6 months ago

    If you are looking to get into watching E-Sports, I would recommend giving Overwatch League a shot. They have really set out with the goal to mimic traditional sports with localized teams and separate leagues. Additionally, with the advent of their second year of broadcast, the production seems to have a set a goal of being accommodating to new viewers of esports and their game in general, especially during their tv showings on ESPN and Disney XD.

    Just a shameless plug from a die-hard fan of Overwatch League that never was interested in E-sports--or sports in general--prior.

  • Jason "Alchemist" Baker

    Jason "Alchemist" Baker

     6 months ago

    Video Credit at 1:01 is for Ancient CS. Video was from MFAVP and was even watermarked.

  • MassReflux


     6 months ago

    Now I just want R-Sports to rise (Robotic Sports) (robot combat in particular) D-Sports would also be good too (Drone sports)

  • Carl Z

    Carl Z

     6 months ago

    Can we stop calling professional gaming "esports"? My four-year-old nephew plays a sport. The word "sport" does not make something sound respectable, and insisting not using the word "sport" insults it in some way implies that it was less respectable than a bunch of toddlers running around picking dandelions when they are supposed to be playing football.

    We call professional sports because they are sports played on a professional level. When "game" is used as a verb, it is universally understood to mean video games, so when video games are played on the professional level, why can't we just say professional gaming? Honestly, insisting on using the word "sport" to denote professionalism is really insulting to the very skilled players in this industry.

    I don't have a problem with the word "esports" by itself, but this term was never used before professional gaming popularised, and ONLY refers to professional gaming, rather than gaming as a whole. Basically, people invented a word to avoid calling gaming at a professional level "professional", and (maybe inadvertently, maybe not) essentially put professional gaming on the level of infants.

  • Cyka_Delik


     6 months ago

    Phillip de Fake-O

  • JeffNotes


     6 months ago

    I came for the Keanu, I stayed for the eSports info. =)