The Fight to Turn Lake Erie Into a Person | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • Michael Kosta heads to Toledo, Ohio, to find out how conservationists are trying to preserve Lake Erie by granting it rights.

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  • Seetiyan


     21 days ago

    Making it legally a "person" is supposed to help protect it. Cool idea.
    Except we do have a history of harming persons in this country since before it was a country, and blatantly ignoring human rights still to this day. . . . okay I'll stop with the cynicism. But yeah.

  • Ryan Anderson

    Ryan Anderson

     1 months ago

    All I know is it better be a female, I am going to get up in that wet wet Erie. Doesn't work if it's a male....

  • Wayne Liang

    Wayne Liang

     1 months ago

    Given the fact that thousands of people depends on water from the lake, does making it a person still allow people to take water from it?

  • Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent

     1 months ago

    I love what the blonde woman doing, but man oh man she has a ghastly voice.

  • ManFred TheLast

    ManFred TheLast

     1 months ago

    Businesses have humanity, nature has humanity, but God forbid anyone suggest a fetus has humanity.

  • tha14 gaming

    tha14 gaming

     1 months ago

    I wish i had the same rights as the lake

  • Priscilla Jimenez

    Priscilla Jimenez

     1 months ago

    It's rare to see Michael's persona soften 3:03

  • Rodrigo G

    Rodrigo G

     1 months ago

    Can I get an HD copy of that NSFW picture he showed? He's so hooooooooooot!

  • Yuniel Gonzalez

    Yuniel Gonzalez

     1 months ago +1

    I thought it was stupid. Watch it, and it makes so much sense. Too bad you have to do this in order to save lakes, body of waters, etc

  • susan orrell

    susan orrell

     1 months ago

    So sad that we are so arrogant that the only way to make people see the value of nature is to make it “human”.

    We have got to start taking care of the land, water and soil that supports us.

  • Rajas A

    Rajas A

     1 months ago

    "Where are you going?"

    "Somewhere exotic"



  • Willard Leap

    Willard Leap

     1 months ago

    I'm starting my own thing. Give me a shout out if you are curious,.,.?

  • Adwoa Kondiaba

    Adwoa Kondiaba

     1 months ago

    Ohio: ~being remotely important~
    Me: dies from shock

  • Fatuma Kerie

    Fatuma Kerie

     1 months ago

    BP suck

  • Danielle 'Smith'

    Danielle 'Smith'

     1 months ago

    Okay, normally I like The Daily Show, but this time the comedy got in the way of the story. I don't need Michael Kosta asking 6 different people "is this a person." or loudly slurping down water while someone's trying to speak. The joke wasn't that funny the first time, and the latter is just obnoxious and rude.

  • Kodjo Swole

    Kodjo Swole

     1 months ago

    Lake Erie has more rights and privileges than actual people. 😂

  • luis whatshisname

    luis whatshisname

     1 months ago

    America and its shithole beaches: Feces & flesh-eating bacteria: Study reveals shocking levels of contamination at America's beaches

  • Seun Olanrewaju

    Seun Olanrewaju

     1 months ago +2

    I just love Michael Costa 🤣🤣. BP.. Black people😂😂

  • pop5678eye


     1 months ago

    Corporation is a 'person' only to deflect individual responsibility from its executives, and in a way that there is no responsibility at all. If an actual individual person causes the death of a dozen people or loss of millions of dollars of damage to citizens they will go to prison! No corporation goes to prison under the same culpability laws! They just pay a laughable fine that they then pass onto their consumers.

  • pop5678eye


     1 months ago

    A mosquito is living. Therefore it's a person.