Phones Have Gone Too Far...

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • SERVO R25 Phone (USA Link) - R25 Phone (International) - Servo R25 combines a phone, wireless earbuds and powerbank into one enormous gadget.FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATESTwitter - - -
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  • Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy

     7 days ago +974

    What's wrong with Apple? -

  • Christopher Ramirez

    Christopher Ramirez

     7 days ago +963

    15 years ago that phone would have been so dope to have......

  • 9Nails


     7 days ago +429

    Version 2.0 will have a refrigerator, projector, and car jumpstart capability.

  • Daniel Magger

    Daniel Magger

     7 days ago +195

    "dude, can you pass me my phone."
    "Sure, where is it? All I see on this table is this weird tv remote."

  • Mazokki


     7 days ago +122

    Is that a SERVO R25 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? XD

  • Azophi


     7 days ago +122

    This is like super legit of you don't look at it like a phone but look at it like a survival kit with an MP3 player and a phone too

  • Darren Epps

    Darren Epps

     7 days ago +3442

    I mean....$60 for a battery bank, wireless earbuds and an emergency phone. Color me impressed

  • Tim Possible

    Tim Possible

     7 days ago +44

    $20 for the power bank
    $20 for the headphones
    $20 for the feature phone

  • i am a breathing thing

    i am a breathing thing

     7 days ago +68

    When you want to mix early 2000's with new generation of 2019.

  • GamingShocker


     7 days ago +39

    60 bucks for 6000mah powerbank with working call and text features with bluetooth earpods?!

  • January Morris

    January Morris

     4 days ago +12

    For 60 bucks that's fantastic, ignore the phone in the camera, buy it for the wireless earbuds and the power bank, and call it a day

  • Chkris


     7 days ago +2106

    In 2008 this thing would’ve taken over the world
    People are actually SUBBING to my channel😁😁😁thanks so much it means a lot
    Don’t watch my videos tho they’re bad and kinda edgy lol



     yesterday +1

    😂 still better than the first phone I ever got

  • Thomas Anderson

    Thomas Anderson

     44 minutes ago

    looks like Randall Peltzer is still at it designing combo units but finally got one to work decently, and not spray stuff all over the house or spray toothpaste in your face LOL

  • Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

     7 days ago +31

    Phone Makers: Why don’t we make a phone
    Also Phone Makers: With a taser, a knife, and a gun inside

  • Philly Phil

    Philly Phil

     6 days ago +2

    it's like an emergency phone/camping phone you'd keep in your glove box or RV.

  • Daniel Ogunleye

    Daniel Ogunleye

     7 days ago +1855

    I'd buy it. No, even better, I will buy it. 60 bucks? Technically you are getting a power bank for 30 bucks, fully wireless headphones for 30 bucks and, just because they are generous, they are giving you an emergency phone and a flashlight with that. THAT IS A GREAT DEAL.

  • Rafael V

    Rafael V

     3 days ago +1

    I actually think this is genius, I’ll want to bring a new old school new school BlackBerry you’re making fun of it because it’s not your average phone of this era.

  • Kei Ishihara

    Kei Ishihara


    Dont make my father see this, he will buy this for smack my brother head :v

  • Kay


     7 days ago +23

    I bought one for myself and 2 for my co workers and they literally threw their iphone in the thrash.