My Laptop DIED - Time to Pick a New One!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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    Deciding on a new laptop is a somewhat daunting task, how do you choose something that fits all categories in terms of performance, screen quality, sound, and with a great keyboard? Well we've got all the heavy hitting ultra books at once to find out.

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  • boi boi

    boi boi

     4 hours ago

    8:24 did u get me

  • Ash Plays

    Ash Plays

     5 hours ago

    $1450 usd after tax, worth it?

  • Aleksander Shleev

    Aleksander Shleev

     6 hours ago +1

    0:11 ???

  • shubh gaur

    shubh gaur

     14 hours ago

    4:28 FU Linus -_-

  • Planarian 17

    Planarian 17

     14 hours ago

    4:29, if you're wondering the QR code is a link
    the link:

  • Hannah Prince

    Hannah Prince

     18 hours ago

    I really like this idea actually

  • xFKNAx


     21 hours ago

    lol 12 seconds in ahahah that reflection

  • chiefgordoncole1


     22 hours ago

    somebody get the man a xrite monitor calibrator already.

  • H3IN3K3NX


     23 hours ago

    When he bends the screens i scream internally.

  • Andrew Brown

    Andrew Brown


    Android users: first time?

  • Mohammed



    did u folks see a skull at the screen of the latop around 5-15 sec in the vid

  • Pixel Dude

    Pixel Dude



  • AnakinTheGameMaster



    I’ll fix it ur old laptop

  • khánh hoàng

    khánh hoàng


    why are you so bias, why only razer

  • YANA World

    YANA World


    How tall are you? That razer looks nice in your hands

  • Mikey Eaton

    Mikey Eaton

     2 days ago

    Please make a video on best laptops for video editing professionals!

  • pineapple man3

    pineapple man3

     2 days ago

    did anyone see the scull

  • ZuTu


     2 days ago +1

    I'm a total fool,
    I thought my phone blue screened

    + i hate your editor

  • Glitchy Gamer

    Glitchy Gamer

     2 days ago


  • Cats Moo

    Cats Moo

     2 days ago

    rip the hp spectre