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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 21, 2016
  • We recently managed to catch up with Michel Koch and Luc Baghadoust and ask them some of the questions fans asked over in this thread:

    00:03 - How did you pick the music and songs for specific scenes?
    02:00 - Is there an artist or song you didn't manage to include, but would have liked to?
    03:05 - Is there an artist or song you could recommend fans check out?
    04:22 - What kind of influences did you draw from?
    05:20 - Were there any scenes or parts of the story that were cut?
    09:07 - What were the main things you looked for when casting characters?
    13:40 - Did Chloe change very much during development?
    16:00 - Was there ever a third or a different main character?
    17:44 - What would you add to the game if you had unlimited resources?
    21:23 - How did you pick what issues to focus on in Life is Strange?

    Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet at GDC - Using Interactive Storytelling and Game Design to Tackle Real-World Problems:
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