the real truth about my etihad first class experience

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 24, 2018
  • here's why i was uncomfortable in etihad first class.


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  • Scotty Wilbanks

    Scotty Wilbanks

     6 days ago

    Well that was a pointless 2nd video..

  • Paul


     7 days ago

    Maybe you should try the Residence on Etihad! To really get their most exclusive and premium experience. Just a suggestion friend.

  • Pika GamingRoblox

    Pika GamingRoblox

     14 days ago


  • Aussie Gal

    Aussie Gal

     14 days ago

    Get over yourself dude

  • Stephan Le Roes

    Stephan Le Roes

     21 days ago

    Airlines need to realise that this is the future of advertising. If I am considering flying a certain airline or class I will look for reviews on YouTube, not the airline’s marketing. Same is true of most consumer industries.

    The wise airlines would be training their staff to be comfortable with filming and be on their best behaviour when they see a camera.

  • Felix Gillet

    Felix Gillet

     21 days ago

    Major shade towards sam Chui

  • Margot Robinson

    Margot Robinson

     21 days ago

    According to the laws of the United Arab Emirates, you can photograph and film the cabin using a smartphone or small camera. You can film your own family and friends. You can’t film a person without their permission.

  • Kaj Van Dam

    Kaj Van Dam

     21 days ago

    Respect rules dude, you're acting like you have been treated awful by the crew. Jesus man

  • Nick Hardy

    Nick Hardy

     21 days ago

    This is rely not going to the point. Just stop wining there are people in economy class. And you are to young to have a live experience. So find something to do whit your live besides bitching .

  • Rachael


     28 days ago

    are you even a professional reviewer? basically your just doing these reviews for money lol

  • Andres Gonzales

    Andres Gonzales

     1 months ago

    "big man, pig man
    ha ha charade you are"

    - Pink Floyd

  • Typical_cuber


     1 months ago

    Bro if you say uae and qatar are the same you might start world war 3

  • TheOnline Thing

    TheOnline Thing

     1 months ago

    Why the heck did he need more than one simple sentence to explain that...

  • Lauren Tricksey

    Lauren Tricksey

     1 months ago

    They said so at the beginning. Its Illegal! No wonder they where uncomfortable. You don't know that by them being in a video (which they had told you was illegal) could have cost them their job.
    You shouldn't have been filming. End of story - If this is your job you should have done your research beforehand and not selfishly put the crew in jeopardy.

  • Richard Hooker

    Richard Hooker

     1 months ago

    Jesus, you need a reality check. You were recording people without their permission and you felt uncomfortable. I've unsubscribed.

  • Beat Makee

    Beat Makee

     1 months ago +3

    Wtf!? Why is everyone complaining about this video. He couldn't have been more understanding or respectful once they asked him not to film them. What he films inside his apartment is upto him, not them. They did not buy his ticket. Also why's everyone getting vexed over an extra video? I'd rather enjoy an extra video and hear about all the tea in detail than some watered down basic version. Lets remember he's flown with loads of different airlines so he is in a position to compare and contrast his experience with Etihad vs other airlines.

  • onlineopinion


     1 months ago

    of course he felt umcomfy with you filming! imagine if it was the other way around?

  • onlineopinion


     1 months ago

    Maybe ask before you film someone.

  • Giulia Zanini

    Giulia Zanini

     1 months ago

    Omg i’m so sorry you feel uncomfortable for making other people uncomfortable,
    Forças guerreira

  • Jessica Mcconville

    Jessica Mcconville

     1 months ago

    I know this video was ages ago but I feel like you could have handled that situation so much better like that is someone’s work place and if they don’t feel comfortable in it then something is wrong especially if you are filming and it is making them uncomfortable like if I was the air hostess I would be the same if someone ask’s you to not film them you most certainly need to respect their privacy especially when they are delivering you a service