The Awakening X Factor of the amnezic sleeping planet

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 9, 2021
  • The Awakening X Factor of the amnezic sleeping planet
    Hello all

    It may seem as if the world is falling apart with all the wars and the gathering extremes of weather, but there is another perspective from which all this can be seen. When I first began to consciously 'wake up' amid some extraordinary experiences in 1990-91, a major theme of my life was of a coming transformation of human perception.

    There didn't appear to be much sign of that at the time, but as I traveled and met people we would call 'psychics' I was told on many occasions that I was destined to play a role in the coming global awakening when humanity, or large swathes of it, would break free of the amnesia that has held it in servitude. I put all this aside to simmer while I got on with my life because if it was true the evidence would eventually be there to support such ideas and beliefs.
    But deep down I just knew it was true, despite all the messages to the contrary from mainstream society.
    The rising sun may be an Illuminati symbol
    but it also captures what is happening to human consciousness today
    Now, 16 years on, it is clear that the wake up call is being heard by vast numbers of people, most of whom would once have laughed at the very idea.
    The end of the inter-generational amnesia is in sight and therefore so is the 'world' it has allowed to manifest. It may seem that we are sinking deeper in the mire of control, surveillance and manipulation, but that is being expressed in the 'out there' realm of the still-unwakened - the great majority for sure. One step back from that, however, there is a stirring in the hearts and consciousness of rapidly increasing numbers of people and the time is coming when that will explode in massive global change.

    I remember when I was a national spokesman for the British Green Party how we could see through 1988 and early '89 that the public was beginning to see the insanity of treating the planet like a factory floor and garbage dump.
    The mainstream of politics and media saw nothing because they operate in a reality cocoon, a superficial world in which the mentally blind mix with the partially sighted.

    Then, 'out of nowhere', the Green Party attracted by far the biggest vote in its UK history in the summer of 1989.

    But it wasn't 'out of nowhere', that was just the perception of the media observing from its cocoon. The change in public awareness of the environment had been building, ever more quickly, for the best part of two years and the election result was the natural outcome of this - not an 'out of nowhere' mystery.

    It is the same with the much greater awakening I am highlighting here.

    I have observed the change in my travels since 1990 as I have seen hearts open and awareness expand. From no interest in these subjects when I began, it is becoming a spiritual tsunami. So what is happening and why? That's what I want to talk about this week after some wonderful awakening experiences of my own in Sedona and Mount Shasta in the last few weeks.

    Those who have studied the Mayan Calendar say that it charts cycles of energy and the 'evolution' of consciousness. The ancient Maya appear to have originated in the Yucatan in Mesoamerica about 2600 BC, and they reached their peak around 250 AD in what has now become southern Mexico, Guatemala, northern Belize and western Honduras.

    They studied astronomy and developed hieroglyphic writing, but they are best known today for their magnificent temple-pyramids and their measurement of 'time' and energy cycles in the 'Mayan Calendar'.
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