Dark And Disturbing Things You Never Knew About K-Pop

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018
  • If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Nicki-SwiftThe foundations of K-pop music as we know it today were laid in the late '80s, when the South Korean government loosened censorship laws in an effort to modernize, but the Korean music wave didn't start making a splash on global shores until the 2010s, thanks in no small part to YouTube. According to a 2017 Bloomberg report, the worldwide K-pop industry is worth almost $5 billion, but this fame comes at a cost. It might be all shiny and happy on the surface, but K-pop has a disturbing dark side that artists are only now starting to expose. Brace yourself as we take a closer look at the underbelly of this entertainment industry...The slave contracts | 0:37Boot camp hell | 1:31Money woes | 2:38Worked to exhaustion | 3:10Plastic surgery pressures | 3:49Strict diets | 4:37The problem | 5:34Dangerous fans | 6:34Discrimination? | 7:07Read more here → http://www.nickiswift.com/112428/k-po...Music Starshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...The Shady Truth About Taylor Swift https://www.faceclips.net/video/VHuaRxpx4wU/video.html Stars Who Haven't Realized They're Not Famous Anymore https://www.faceclips.net/video/PJbZzM6ZsUg/video.html Untold Truth Of Migos https://www.faceclips.net/video/A_4NOCJH_Jg/video.html Who Can't Stand Demi Lovato https://www.faceclips.net/video/9bVt9Itanq0/video.html Untold Truth Of The Voice https://www.faceclips.net/video/di1A9qfP8VY/video.html Is The Man Behind The Oyster Mask? https://www.faceclips.net/video/q6V0X5J7E8Q/video.html → http://www.nickiswift.com/Like us → https://www.facebook.com/NickiSwiftCe...Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/NickiSwiftC...Pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/NickiSwiftC...Plenty of entertainment brands tackle Hollywood, but Nicki Swift stands apart in style and smarts. Spending time with us is like hanging out with friends who keeps the conversation clever, quick, and classy. We dish out the good stuff on all your favorite celebs, add expert analysis, then move on to the next hot topic, all without breaking a sweat.
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  • Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift

     a years ago +683

    Has this changed your mind about the K-Pop industry? Why or why not?

  • Katie Kent

    Katie Kent

     a years ago +2245

    Anyone who’s been into kpop for more than a month knows all of this.

  • Richard Lisondra

    Richard Lisondra

     2 months ago +220

    When you thought that North Korea is more dark and disturbing.
    South Korea Entertainment Industry: hold my beer

  • EvilValenStrife


     a years ago +928

    Correction: New K-Pop fans don't know about these things.
    I've been a K-Pop fan for well over a decade and I've seen these things.
    That's not to say that I'm not glad that it’s being discussed more though. It is a serious problem that only is going to continue if we stay silent.



     10 months ago +121

    at BigHit Entertainment Bangtan usually gets 70% and Company gets 30% and they have their personal space and freedom... they can also use social media anytime if they don't have work...their company, BigHit consider their qwn freedom...

  • n9


     a years ago +598

    When they put BTS at thumbnail and most of the contents they said on video actually not related to BTS and their company, bighit at all......
    BTS have said countless times that they love bighit and feel grateful to get freedom in making their own music. They dont have any dating ban and bighit always help to handle their dating life to be secretive. Plus, they get to manage their own twitter account since day 1 and its really rare for any kpop groups account that tend to get managed by their own agency. Bighit definitely not saint, but they definitely much better than any korea agencies. I bet many teenagers who dream to be idols are eager to enter bighit because of how they manage BTS. 2am changmin even proved how nice bighit is when he is contemplated to change to other agency because he dont think he gonna find another agency that treat him well as good as bighit so he end up setting up his own agency.
    Actually, each company have different approaches in managing their artists. Its really depend how lucky and wise decision for the trainees in selecting the company who they want to be trained in.

  • JungKookie is a Cutie!

    JungKookie is a Cutie!

     a years ago +2012

    I Iove and adore K-POP but hearing about all this stuff makes me just so sad.. :(

  • No


     a years ago +124

    They still have a better life than people in North Korea

  • uni corn

    uni corn

     a years ago +237

    // pretends to be shocked

  • 박종호


     10 months ago +45

    6. Suicide problem.The suicide rate of Korea is very high.Its not only the problem of k pop but also of Korean society overall.Because competitiveness of Korean society is high and the entertainment industry is extremely competitive, the suicide rate is high especially among young people who are vulnerable.

  • Nori


     a years ago +551

    I wish you didn’t include photos of Jonghyun’s funeral, it’s super disrespectful for his family and friends, and also upsetting to see their distress

  • Jennifer K Luckett

    Jennifer K Luckett

     a years ago +2222

    I like K-pop and this stuff makes me sad for this kids!😑

  • Amethyst Jin

    Amethyst Jin

     a years ago +290

    Why the frick was BTS on thumbnail when the video had NOTHING to do with them? These YouTube channels gets worse and worse.

  • avery


     a years ago +81

    Putting BTS in the thumbnail to get views lmao

  • Denise Borja

    Denise Borja

     2 months ago +27

    The suicide part made me shiver in pain and tears thinking about my idols.
    Hoping... that will never happen to them...

  • Denise Borja

    Denise Borja

     2 months ago +18

    These are some of the reasons of why I hate K-Pop.
    I hate that the idols we love, suffers in the inside, whilst, acts cheerful and happy in the outside... 😔

  • disgusTANG


     a years ago +2712

    Bts = views

  • Lamín


     a years ago +22

    It’s The Same In Every Industry, You Sell Your Soul For Fame And Fortune. That’s That

  • Simple Smile

    Simple Smile


    wow, lol. This person really knew if they put BTS on the thumbnail, they will grab the attention

  • Kiwi got no jams

    Kiwi got no jams

     a years ago +29

    5:35 but... That’s Taemin...