Dark And Disturbing Things You Never Knew About K-Pop

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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    The foundations of K-pop music as we know it today were laid in the late '80s, when the South Korean government loosened censorship laws in an effort to modernize, but the Korean music wave didn't start making a splash on global shores until the 2010s, thanks in no small part to YouTube. According to a 2017 Bloomberg report, the worldwide K-pop industry is worth almost $5 billion, but this fame comes at a cost. It might be all shiny and happy on the surface, but K-pop has a disturbing dark side that artists are only now starting to expose. Brace yourself as we take a closer look at the underbelly of this entertainment industry...

    The slave contracts | 0:37
    Boot camp hell | 1:31
    Money woes | 2:38
    Worked to exhaustion | 3:10
    Plastic surgery pressures | 3:49
    Strict diets | 4:37
    The problem | 5:34
    Dangerous fans | 6:34
    Discrimination? | 7:07

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  • Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift

     8 months ago +399

    Has this changed your mind about the K-Pop industry? Why or why not?

  • DIY with ya gal Sadeem

    DIY with ya gal Sadeem

     8 hours ago

    Why can't people just enjoy music without having to know that the artist you love is getting abused

  • kuririn1975



    And again another reason JPop is so much better.

  • Nina Byrne-Lole

    Nina Byrne-Lole


    I really love K-Pop!! No joke!! As a Samoan , everything around me is Pacific based , I really love K-Pop, it helps me get through dark days , but watching this really makes me sad for my Idols. Even though I’ve watched and heard this about K-Pop stars I’ll never stop loving them. I really dislike the system !! 😩❤️

  • Tohru Honda

    Tohru Honda

     4 days ago

    That's sad.

  • TheCubanMafia97


     5 days ago

    Fame is not worth losing your salvation over. *Only Jesus saves*

  • sammiechuu


     6 days ago

    All of this can be summarized in 4 letters, then 3 letters... TVXQ and JYJ
    Look it up, kids

  • Jacklyn Summers

    Jacklyn Summers

     7 days ago

    I just hope no one says negative things about lisa from blackpink...

  • Artur Aitkaliev

    Artur Aitkaliev

     8 days ago

    I don't think it's a kpop problem but a overall general Korean problem based on Korean work ethics and the state of unions in the country

  • Bunny Pie

    Bunny Pie

     8 days ago

    this breaks my heart

  • Georgina Sparks

    Georgina Sparks

     8 days ago

    It’s also very hard to get into as a westerner:
    -The stuff isn’t marketed here.
    -Merch isn’t available
    -Groups don’t come here
    -Idols don’t speak English
    -Lack of subs
    -Difficult names
    -Cross race effect
    -Too many damn idols in one group
    -Trying to match their face to their names

  • Georgina Sparks

    Georgina Sparks

     8 days ago

    Imagine being in a group and being the face of it and everything, but still having no say in it whatsoever. Like you can’t even write, produce, compose ur own music. Let alone come with suggestions for other stuff.

  • Georgina Sparks

    Georgina Sparks

     8 days ago

    The fact that Mark from GOT7 said in an interview that he wasn’t even allowed to go to the convenience store alone, really tells you how fucked up and monitored everything is.

  • Vang Nore

    Vang Nore

     8 days ago

    I've followed many diffent K-Pop idols and groups for many years and learned about their hardships throughout thier careers but I didn't know that it caused suicides or that the idols don't even see most of their own hard worked revenues. This breaks my heart to hear. Especially when hearing how the industry enslaves these idols. It's not fair and not right. This would explain why idols don't last very long in the industry. Sad, just sad.

  • snow Lee

    snow Lee

     9 days ago

    Woah wtf. Why want a life like that. I also find Korean are really into beauty surgery. Why?Because, It’s Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love.

  • Sissyboi Slut

    Sissyboi Slut

     9 days ago

    He was way too cute to kill himself :(

  • rohit sharma

    rohit sharma

     9 days ago

    kpop is gay

  • KLina


     9 days ago

    So sad, I hope they make some changes and defend themselves to greedy, abusive entertainment companies...😔

  • smart water

    smart water

     9 days ago +1

    Yeah who knew it takes hard work to succeed lol. Stop with this overly demonizing the industry happens to all other industries like Hollywood and American pop artist and actors actress

  • isimi taiwo

    isimi taiwo

     10 days ago +1

    Kpop cant appeal to me because they look samey they sound samey..too skinny for me as well. And i would like a good variety of shades.i like light skin but i also like other shades as well.