So Much News, So Little Time: U.K.’s New PM, Big Apple Floods & NY’s New Claw Law | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 23, 2019
  • Donald Trump doppelgänger Boris Johnson becomes the U.K.’s next prime minister, New York City sees floods of biblical proportions, and New York state puts an end to declawing pet cats.

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  • Simon ten Kate

    Simon ten Kate

     21 days ago

    Yes ban declawing of cats and at the same time ban cutting parts of baby boys penises! Animal rights for boys!

  • Mike


     21 days ago

    I support helping animals.

  • 柳宇泷


     28 days ago


  • ipressedabutton


     1 months ago

    i like trevor when he fights for animal rights

  • Sandman74blue


     1 months ago +1

    If you can afford taking care of a cat, then you can afford getting a scratching post.

  • cabdisalam axmed yuusuf

    cabdisalam axmed yuusuf

     1 months ago

    @travor-noah watch your language when you are talking to papa

  • Vinny Griffin

    Vinny Griffin

     1 months ago

    We need Trevor as president, how great would that be!!!

  • Kate Mizzo

    Kate Mizzo

     1 months ago

    This man lol

  • Kate Mizzo

    Kate Mizzo

     1 months ago

    Wish granted you you son of a bitch XD

  • Ross Parlette

    Ross Parlette

     1 months ago

    We built a scratching post for our cat.

  • Ross Parlette

    Ross Parlette

     1 months ago

    I AM a first born son.

  • Nile Roan Academics

    Nile Roan Academics

     1 months ago

    Cropping and docking need to be illegal ASAP, as well. And, I know this one will be harder for people to accept, but the same is also true of spay and neuter, at least for dogs. You're removing perfectly good organs from your dog basically for the sake of political correctness and because you apparently don't know what a fence or a leash is. They need the sex hormones to develop properly and to live healthy lives, and they should only receive those procedures if it's medically necessary (i.e., something like pyo or cancer). Over the last 20 years or so studies have finally been conducted on the long term effects of spay and neuter, and the results aren't pretty. Significantly increased rates of cancer, organ failure/disorders, hip dysplasia, and obesity. Spayed/neutered dogs have a significantly shorter average lifespan than intact dogs, and we're talking in the 20-30% range.

    If a dog needs to be sterilized to prevent them from breeding, whether it's because they're a stray or because they're being kept with other dogs and the owner doesn't want any accidental puppies, tubectomies and vasectomies (what we use on humans who don't want to reproduce accidentally, but don't want to just rely on contraceptives) are easier procedures with less risk and a shorter recovery time.

  • c t

    c t

     1 months ago

    So you say that declawing physically hurts the cats and so your going to ban it. Wish you felt the same way about ALL THE BABIES YOUR STATE ABORTS.

  • skoronesa


     1 months ago

    Lolz, dude, where's my car?

  • Brian G. Bankston Sr.

    Brian G. Bankston Sr.

     1 months ago

    The spelling on these comments just shows how stupid smart ppl are

  • Auset RGB

    Auset RGB

     1 months ago

    This damn rain

  • Oscar Nielsen

    Oscar Nielsen

     1 months ago

    Boris Johnson and tramp has many things in common 😂😂😂

  • Self Discipline

    Self Discipline

     1 months ago +1

    News Reporting has fallen into just blatant name calling.............
    Ill help correct them.
    Borris is not anti-immigrant
    Borris, like Trump, is anti-illegal immigrant.
    Get your facts straight........

  • vosko vem

    vosko vem

     1 months ago

    join me on my youtube channel and add happiness .we all need it

  • amber murray

    amber murray

     1 months ago

    Ah Trevor I knew there was a good reason to love you. I’ve always said to people who want to declaw their cats. You first!