Bill Burr Blames Candy Stores For Making Everyone Sensitive

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 17, 2017
  • 'F Is for Family' co-creator and star Bill Burr believes there's a correlation between increased public offendedness and hyper-specific candy stores.

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  • curtis morris

    curtis morris

     2 hours ago

    Clicked on for Bill Burr,Fuck Colbert. no view,

  • Chris P

    Chris P

     6 hours ago

    @ AestheticRobloxianYT bill hates lockheed martin

  • Jerry Jones

    Jerry Jones

     yesterday +2

    You cannot do jokes with an uptight liberal. Because everything is offencive and everything has to be political

  • LifeFirstPlan



    can't stand Colbert, not funny, traitor to this country

  • John Smithee

    John Smithee


    This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

  • Ayman Yac

    Ayman Yac


    Fuck Steven

  • Ayman Yac

    Ayman Yac


    Fuck SJW

  • Nour Dridi

    Nour Dridi


    america is so hard to entertain damn

  • Dennis Goebelt

    Dennis Goebelt

     2 days ago

    What a horrible interviewer. How does this asswipe stay on the air?



     2 days ago

    I feel like this is just a mentality from the East Coast that everybody from the East Coast grew up around. He had no ill will against who that chick was, but referencing John Goodman as a woman is kinda funny. If you don’t think so, grow a soul

  • tman


     3 days ago

    "Everyone's too sensitive" Burr says as he proceeds to whine incessantly about how other people dress; joking he'd kill people not wearing shoes on planes and admitting he's offended by what a woman wears. Some of it I smiled but it's interesting that people complaining of sensitivity can be the most sensitive of anyone.

  • Hoggar Krababbel

    Hoggar Krababbel

     3 days ago +1

    Colbert was awkward because Bill Burr will never "earn" being seated near a Democrat politician at a gala dinner like Stephen "earned" it with Barack Obama. Bill refuses to play the "big game", which makes people with lesser morals very uncomfortable!

  • William Duhimbaze

    William Duhimbaze

     3 days ago

    He belongs on conan

  • trippplefive


     4 days ago

    Colbert's audience is all Hillary supporters now. What were people expecting? Colbert was great on comedy central. He is just a shell now.

  • Frank Rovers

    Frank Rovers

     4 days ago

    Didn't finish this, love Bill Burr but this was to painful to watch.

  • Brian Q

    Brian Q

     4 days ago

    Its not Colbert´s fault. Burr is already out of touch. He can´t hold a conversation without trying to humiliate women somehow. It was funny at first but now its a bit sad.

  • Wall Chicken

    Wall Chicken

     5 days ago

    All I see is conan sheep in the comments, thinking this interview is gonna be a disaster...then I watch it and guys are delusional as fuck. You just make this shit up as you go?

  • Derek Singkofer

    Derek Singkofer

     5 days ago

    I had to cut this video short & go watch Bill Burr on Conan, wow what a difference. Team Coco!

  • Adam Grizzly

    Adam Grizzly

     5 days ago

    The sooner Bill Burr realizes he's not a liberal, the sooner he will be happy. The liberal crowd does not enjoy him or appreciate him.

  • David Lee

    David Lee

     5 days ago

    Watch Bill Burr on Conan, then on Colbert. One finds him hilarious, and one doesn't. Guess which arrogant host doesn't? Yes, Colbert.