We Did Surgery on a Really Weird Grape

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
  • In this video we're taking real fruit and making almost indiscernible gummy versions of them!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/4SPQNEJrt-w


  • DragonGold



    watermelon next plz

  • Re Direction

    Re Direction

     2 days ago

    Your videos are really addictive 😋

  • Leah Cochren

    Leah Cochren

     3 days ago

    Can you experiment with popcorn

  • George k.

    George k.

     4 days ago

    “AN AVACADO! Tanks :3!”

  • Adorablycute Kitten

    Adorablycute Kitten

     7 days ago

    "and fill it with grape filled jello" 10:05
    how is jello grape filled?

  • It's just me -Alana jane

    It's just me -Alana jane

     7 days ago

    For the grape you could just make a oval

  • Lola Cicasso

    Lola Cicasso

     7 days ago

    Why didn’t they use the hollowed fruits in the gelatin mix for more of an authentic taste...? What did you do with the fruit guts?

  • Rebekah McDaniel

    Rebekah McDaniel

     7 days ago

    10:06 did anyone else here him say grape filled jello

  • ava aiello

    ava aiello

     7 days ago

    They really didn't make Jell-O fruit they just made the inside of fruit Jell-O

  • ava aiello

    ava aiello

     7 days ago

    She should go layer by layer so everything gets coded like she did in the bottle video

  • The Golden Puggle

    The Golden Puggle

     7 days ago

    Never use duck tape use flex tape clear it even works under water

  • Jameer Joy

    Jameer Joy

     7 days ago


  • Evil Parakeets

    Evil Parakeets

     7 days ago

    Lol ded

  • Logan Ferris

    Logan Ferris

     7 days ago

    He put the lime in the coconut and shook it all up!

  • Carl


     7 days ago

    My life is a lie I thought avocados were vegetables

  • ANIME4life


     7 days ago

    I seen the king of random icon on 5:47

  • Kimberly J *

    Kimberly J *

     7 days ago

    Can yo make a gummy chicken???

  • Gabriella watson

    Gabriella watson

     7 days ago

    If you guys are the first to hallo out a grape and put grape jello in it.... can I put lime in a grape

  • Sandra Boyer

    Sandra Boyer

     7 days ago

    Can you plzz try to make liquid nicotine into a gummy.

  • kelly blake

    kelly blake

     7 days ago

    you mean that you put the lime in the coconut and shook it all up?