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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 23, 2018

    Green Sweater (similar) -
    Striped Green Jumpsuit -
    Sweatheart Jumpsuit -
    Leopard Loafers -
    Grey Sweater (similar) -
    Jeans -

    Skinny Jeggings -
    Cozy Orange Sweater -

    Menifee Quilted Bag -
    Socks -
    Black Quilted Bag - (but Red version -

    Simpsons Crop Top -
    Simpsons Kwik E Mart Top - Out of stock
    Simpsons Bart Eyes Sweater (I got an XL and it’s BIG)-

    Calvin Klien PLUS SIZE Bra/Panty Sets
    Pink Hipster -
    Pink Thong -
    Pink Bralette -

    White Hipster -
    White Thong -
    White Bralette -

    Grey Hipster -
    Grey Thong -
    Grey Bralette -

    Black Hipster -
    Black Thong -
    Black Bralette -

    URBAN OUTFITTERSTommy Hilfiger Bralette -
    Tommy Hilfiger Lounge Pants -
    Tommy Hilfiger Hoodie -

    UGG House Shoes (blue) -
    My usual UGG House Shoes -
    UGG Tasman Shoes -
    My Fave Tall UGG Boots that fit -

    V L O G C H A N N E L➜
    M Y K I D S C H A N N E L➜
    S N A P C H A T➜ @sarahhhrae
    I N S T A G R A M➜
    T W I T T E R➜
    B U S I N E S S C ON T A C T➜

    Sarah Rae Vargas
    2758 US Highway 34
    STE B 147
    Oswego, IL 60543

    My brother Jason Vlogas' IG & YouTube Channel

    My sister's IG & YouTube Channel

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  • Wilmer Hernández

    Wilmer Hernández

     14 days ago

    You are beautiful

  • xydoit


     21 days ago

    Change your name to 5 feet 4

  • joudy rabah

    joudy rabah

     2 months ago

    You are lucky to be guilt free when buying a 50$ bag...because I feel guilty when i buy it..

  • Kevin Rodriquez

    Kevin Rodriquez

     2 months ago

    Chubby but beautiful.

  • Nandu Kumar

    Nandu Kumar

     3 months ago

    Super sexy



     4 months ago

    Very very nice looking good video very sxey look

  • Jose Vanzzini

    Jose Vanzzini

     5 months ago

    Estás muy sabrosa me encanta tu cuerpo

  • Hannah Gray

    Hannah Gray

     5 months ago

    What is with people not wearing something twice. I wish I had that problem lol

  • Cherie Paw

    Cherie Paw

     5 months ago

    i love your haulllsssssss 😍😍 and you're so cute!

  • Emma Mngl

    Emma Mngl

     6 months ago

    you are clearly obese

  • Jason Kish

    Jason Kish

     6 months ago

    U know u look good in thong, girl... Damn!!

  • Jason Kish

    Jason Kish

     6 months ago

    U look GOOD in the orange shirt,WOW!!

  • Sierra Suz

    Sierra Suz

     6 months ago

    A million sub.s. thAt's how u buy all those clothes and things. Where do u store them all? Loiks Like A big house. U have a bedroom u made a closet?
    I know. Look u up on Instagram. I don't use social sites. They take your info and use your info.

  • Sierra Suz

    Sierra Suz

     6 months ago

    The sound is awful on this. Hurts my head.

  • Almondeye702


     8 months ago

    Love your channel Been watching you for a while now one question wth do you do with all these clothes once you make your haul videos?

  • Dayanara Salazar

    Dayanara Salazar

     8 months ago

    I really want you to come to Houston and go to the galleria mall 🙌🏼 there are a lot of designer stores in there I want to see if you can do a “will it fit”

  • Abby King

    Abby King

     8 months ago

    Your so beautiful, and I love your videos ! You should make a clothes declutter video one day !

  • Izzy S

    Izzy S

     8 months ago

    woah i didnt know you live in illinois im over here in joliet i can walk to the louis joliet mall

  • Eva Soto

    Eva Soto

     8 months ago

    Really love your weird haul

  • Joanna Rothman

    Joanna Rothman

     9 months ago

    Wish I discovered your channel before the CurvyCon so I could have met you! Loving your videos.