Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • GO READ MY COLUMN!'s time to review the 2020 Toyota Supra. Today I'm taking you on a tour of the new GR Supra, and I'm showing you all of the quirks and features of the 2020 Supra. Then I'm going to drive the new Toyota Supra to show you everything you need to know about the Supra.BMW VIDEOS:Z4 - - ME!Facebook - - - CHART:
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  • Levi Hutchison

     2 months ago

    I remember the last time Germany and Japan collaborated and it didn't end well...

  • Eric Pamintuan


    lmao 🤣

  • Travis Ramey


    @Twiggyay Germany declared war on the U.S. 4 days after Pearl Harbor was attacked, they were

  • Chris Taco

     2 days ago

    This car won’t fail as a car but it’s going fail the Supra name .

  • jnagime

     2 days ago

    Its a BMW car with a Toyota logo, we still waiting for a Toyota Supra.

  • bonef1

     3 days ago

    Toyot should have collaborated with the tuning companies not bmw

  • Nachowskip 8632

     10 days ago

    Customers: WHERE'S THE ENTIRE CAR??Toyota: tuning companies will give you the car.

  • EJO Auto Videos

     2 months ago

    They should have made it without an engine, so that TUnInG cOmpaNIEs can put a 2JZ in it.

  • William Zimmermann

     26 days ago

    perfect way to make it significantly worse.

  • Moro11


    I’ll just 2jz my Prius and make a hole in the fender and call it a Supra :) put a screamer pipe through the hood too. At least I can seat five people , and it’s a real Toyota.

  • Ghost4Z

     1 months ago

    Me: Can I hav a 2JZ swap on this?Toyota: We’ll leave that to the tuning companies.Me: But I need—Toyota: TUNING COMPANIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tobias Dierks

     2 days ago

    the actual engine in the car has great power potential too you can get over 800 horsepower out of these with just bolt on parts

  • Adrien Robinson

     14 days ago

    Denny Cahyalie no but the 2JZ is illegal in most states anyway And if they brought out a 3JZ or something us car guys will complain about it

  • Ryan H

     11 days ago

    3:12 Doug is the kind of guy who is too good to put his knee on the ground.

  • Rayhan Mohammad

     2 hours ago

    100th like! Sorry, I do that

  • oZoneR π


    @Fluff \m/ he is something soft

  • webberron

     3 days ago

    The MkIV Supra Turbo had two hood latches also... :)