Whoopi Goldberg: Don't Like What's Going On? Change It!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 25, 2019
  • The EGOT winner, and author of 'The Unqualified Hostess,' prefers to focus on actions versus opinions when it comes to reacting to big news like today's impeachment announcement by Nancy Pelosi. #Colbert #Whoopi #Interviews

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/4oYUrAeABgU


  • mikeparez


     2 days ago +1

    Stephen wasn’t happy and I’m guessing Whoopi mentioned before that she didn’t want to talk about it. Honestly worki bwith Meghan McCain everyday would make me pissed off too

  • Barbara K.

    Barbara K.

     3 days ago

    what is this for a woman - jesus

  • hasan sakiz

    hasan sakiz

     3 days ago

    Stephen is masterful at his job but his one fault is his absolute disdain for Trump, now anyone with a semblance of brain matter dislikes that man and all he stands for, but his default mode of hitting a political question at almost every interviewee has become pretty predictable, I know it was Warren he asked about but everyone knows that just leads to Trump.
    Whoopie can be a grumpy old woman on occasion which seemed to surprise Stephen and that is her prerogative, she has been around long enough and done enough to go that way.

  • Fran Smith

    Fran Smith

     5 days ago

    Whoopi go to Mexico. Leave the US you are trouble.

  • Cynthia Allen

    Cynthia Allen

     7 days ago

    Stephen Colbert is friends with a sick demented peodphile John Podesta. He is a sick perverted mam

  • nawlulu


     7 days ago

    What a match Woopi Gof..... and Steven Gof.... .😈+👹
    That racist crazy woman put the floor mop on the head and think she got the blond hair .
    People love the President Trump. 😍😍

  • Kat Roz

    Kat Roz

     7 days ago

    Yeah, start by taking the Mop off your head. It's ridiculous.

  • mikel valerio

    mikel valerio

     7 days ago

    Worthless negro

  • Designer Kung

    Designer Kung

     7 days ago

    Whoopi old fashioned Caribbean way. No improvement no technology just stay mentally stupid cause mama didn't teach you, no need for improvement but open the mouth gap gap all day without sense.

  • Tina Williams

    Tina Williams

     7 days ago +1

    I feel wat she is saying they do talk about politics everyday on the show

  • Jay Young

    Jay Young

     7 days ago

    (Cont'd) With respect to Goldberg, I can't imagine she has topped anything in her career that comes close to her dramatic characterization of a sad girl named "Celie" from Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" in which Goldberg was at her dramatic best.

  • Jay Young

    Jay Young

     7 days ago

    Early in Goldberg's career, I saw reflections of Marie Dressler, so much so had I had the funds, I'd have resurrected "'Tugboat Annie," starring Goldberg. I'll not stop there, either Another project I could've envisioned for Goldberg was Judy Canova's "Sleepy Lagoon." But see what happens to you when you're po'. Nothing. Oh, well, maybe in the next life.

  • Nikkie Davis

    Nikkie Davis

     7 days ago

    Whoopi for president I love this lady so fuking much x

  • As Seen On TV

    As Seen On TV

     7 days ago

    Love Whoopi

  • RocketMyDog1


     7 days ago

    What is on Whoopi's head? Good lord, could she make herself even uglier? Oh wait, she opened her mouth...

  • smack daddy

    smack daddy

     7 days ago

    I love her

  • Jewel Levy

    Jewel Levy

     7 days ago

    What's with the way whoopie is dressed? And that string mop on her head? Is this celebrity fashion?

  • Barbara Brennan

    Barbara Brennan

     7 days ago

    If bin is.s

    If Robin Williams is still alive, keep him away from my internet places and my life. His face was on my Instagram implying threats to my finances.

  • jackie Cebu

    jackie Cebu

     7 days ago

    God I hate Whoopi's politics. She doesn't have a fucking clue except keeping her millions just like her buddy Nancy Pelosi. This coming from a progressive on the left.

  • Kym Conjours

    Kym Conjours

     7 days ago

    Whoopi your opinion is very important! Wen u get d opportunity take advantage of it! Bullshit,not voting won't help,saying wat u feel will help! Your opinion is valuable! Say something, stop thinking just about making money 4 yourself! Give your opinions!