Tricks & Tips: Ni No Kuni - Grinding

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2013
  • This video shows how you can level up fast in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.If you would like to see any other Tricks/Tips on Ni No Kuni let us know.Facebook ► ► ► #RPG #Grinding
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  • Udayan Nayyar

     4 years ago


  • XainArchives

     1 years ago

    Give it 30 minutes.

  • Nasir Mohamed

     4 years ago

    It gets better and better. Keep playing, friend!

  • Ilias Papadopoulos

     5 years ago

    how did you catch the gold toko?

  • Ms McGinley

     2 years ago

    I didnt know Marciccus was playable :'(

  • Sephiroth21682

     5 years ago

    Nice names ... >.>

  • Jack & Cola

     3 years ago

    This game is so awsome i love it

  • BishouNoTeresa

     2 years ago

    i love how you pronounce tokotoko :D

  • gg ded

     3 months ago

    o- ok?

  • CN CARTOON NETWORK بالسعودية

     9 months ago

    Hi my name is mermite

  • crayz1978

     5 years ago

    You got any tips for beginner's this game may look cute but is brutal as hell had to out the difficulty down lol

  • ONCEbittenTWICEshyshyshy

     3 years ago

    also once you cast veil, turn down the music so you can clearly hear the familiars, the toko have a very distinct movement noise that sounds like a tap dripping, i find it means i can hoof it all the way through billy doats bluff several times before veil runs out, and i never worry about having missed a toko in the trees because i didnt hear the "drip drip" sound they make

  • Stank

     4 years ago

    I actually named my Bonehead "Boner hehe". The hehe is, because it's such a bad joke.

  • disguiise

     5 years ago

    I picked up a cop. :D