Mixed Race / Wh!Te passing Women are NOT our Allies

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 28, 2019
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  • Alara Yüksel

    Alara Yüksel

     2 hours ago


  • FBI


     11 hours ago

    I’m slightly light but I am black/mixed

  • Beautiful Rose

    Beautiful Rose

     16 hours ago

    The title was a little off putting though the message is really good! As a white Latina, I’m unable to truly understand how it feels to go through this, even though I have had a few comments here and there. I’ve just recently found your channel and I’m loving the videos they’re really eye opening to the issues that a lot of us can not understand personally and help us understand why the issue is real from the outside in.

  • NitroFairyWing


     23 hours ago

    ......My momma lightskin, full black just lightskinned, she woulda smacked the shit out this woman

  • Momoring!!!!!! twice

    Momoring!!!!!! twice


    People always talk about how light skinned women think they are better and all that(I agree some of the do think that) but never talks about how some dark skinned women think the same. I have realized that when people talk about light skinned they always talk about how stuck up they are and the message is like all light skinned but it never occurs to them it can and it does happen vice versa. Always talking about how bad light skinned are but never talking about how some dark skinned are cruel or mean to light skinned and it's so unfair.

  • FairyFederation



    That light skinned woman came off as ignorant around 9:30 but actually I saw a lot of dark skinned girls bully the light skinned girls. My mom is dark and she bullied a friend's mom just because she was light skinned. I thought my mom was perfect until I saw that side of her. I was so disappointed.

  • FairyFederation



    i didnt see anything with her asking for light skinned women on the show..... IF someone was asking for more darker skined women , i would not mind either. Isnt it good to have a lot of shades ?? As a lighter skinned woman I have been bullied a lot by darker skinned women growing up. I never understood until I went to college. I think the black community will NEVER EVER succeed because we are always so offended and angry when it comes to color even in black countries... there a a lot of corruption and lack of rights for women. I have dated African men who come to AMerica and they are some of the worst when it comes to being color struck. Something is not right in the black community

  • Lanayah Gholar

    Lanayah Gholar

     3 days ago

    I love you so much you make me feel so much better about my dark skin

  • lana


     3 days ago

    Bitch put new batteries in that fire detector ☹️

  • Tyler Sargent

    Tyler Sargent

     3 days ago

    Girl I just started getting into your vids till this I’m half white and black and I claim my black side. My white family raised me when my black side left. We all come from the same tree. I get the same looks a light skin or dark skin person would. They see black when they see any of us. It’s how it is. Stop spreading this trash. America is already fucking us up as they’ve done all these years and now not only we have to deal with that but eachother too. Curly hair and caramel skin is attractive just as straight hair or white skin is. Remember we all bleed red period.

  • Hanginwit Mayflowers

    Hanginwit Mayflowers

     3 days ago +2

    Some mixed race darkskinned ones aint either

  • Angel’s Kisses

    Angel’s Kisses

     4 days ago +2

    You’re so disgusting and also part of the problem

  • Angel’s Kisses

    Angel’s Kisses

     4 days ago +1

    I think its funny how dark skin women always bring up mixed/lightskin women ALL THE TIME. Lightskin women never bring you guys up. Just say yall hate us and keep it going please

  • Pelagius' Hipbone

    Pelagius' Hipbone

     4 days ago

    Naa that switch to Yoruba at 6:23 had me rolling. Awesome vid!

  • shova213


     4 days ago +1

    As a black man, I have noticed it and this is true. Personally, I do not trust a lot mixed race individuals at all. They are the very reason North Africa was taken over by colonisers. They were the tool.

  • DontDoDa1ThanG


     5 days ago +1

    So does the same apply for white passing males?? 🤔

  • Inanna


     5 days ago

    I see other cultures and the way they have traditions that have been going on for generations and generations, the unity and the bond they have with eachother... and then I look at us. it’s so sad we can’t even all come together to do the bare minimum, to love one another smh we couldn’t come together for kwanza or nothing like that we’re so separated, divide and conquer is really so true man fuck I’m sick they made us like this and I’m sicccck half of us are SO far gone to not see the bigger picture...

  • petestreet


     5 days ago

    BM are proud to display their lite skin babies in public. Never seen one with a dark skin baby out and about.

  • Shannon’s Random

    Shannon’s Random

     5 days ago

    New York read tf out of Laura 👏🏾

  • garr


     6 days ago +2

    i respect the white girl... i think u misunderstood her