How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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  • Nicolette Lafrenier

    Nicolette Lafrenier

     3 months ago +43982

    The girl in the blazer was definitely a bully in high school

  • Tiana Leyone

    Tiana Leyone

     14 days ago +2249

    the black guy is the sweetest. please bring him back. he’s so cute awww. you can tell he was raised well, he genuinely cared for their feelings.

  • Pay Jay YouTube

    Pay Jay YouTube

     21 days ago +2049

    "Your face is weird"
    Asian guy: -.-

  • Purple drånk

    Purple drånk

     21 days ago +3197

    Black guy: you like me don't u?
    Other guy : you cute 😘
    Black guy : I know 😂🔥

  • josie w

    josie w

     21 days ago +4356

    the girl is the blazer made me feel some type a way......
    and it wasnt good

  • Trice M

    Trice M

     1 months ago +19884

    That black guy made the girl in the red shirt feel so good... it was beautiful

  • Homo sapien

    Homo sapien

     14 days ago +1927

    they should of have the contestants rank the person who ranked them. I know that white chick could use some more humbling

  • leave me

    leave me

     21 days ago +2384

    I feel so bad for that girl in the red shirt getting low ratings. Shes so cute. Her style is cute I love her earings. She has a cute smile.

  • Cristian Acuna

    Cristian Acuna

     21 days ago +890

    Am I the only one who strangely wants to be judged by their attractiveness? I'm curious to know what people would think of me honestly

  • tHE eGG

    tHE eGG

     21 days ago +1550

    i like how the girl in the blazer judges so hard but shes like a 2/10 and her voice drops it down to a 0

  • RH


     3 months ago +26709

    The black dude was probably the smoothest person I've ever seen.

  • Peridot Universe

    Peridot Universe

     14 days ago +585

    The lesbian and black guy I absolutely love them! Very honest yet caring

  • Los Mejores Amigos

    Los Mejores Amigos

     21 days ago +1466

    the one girl in purple bugging dawg ... she rude asf 💀... she ain’t to cute herself .. no shade lmaoo

  • Sam Nicole

    Sam Nicole

     14 days ago +304

    I felt bad for carter but then the dude raised her self esteem to the HEAVENS 💞 I love him

  • amaya


     5 days ago +93

    Could you just imagine having “self esteem” problems for years and then you’ve recently become more secure with yourself and then the girl in the blue blazer tells you that “your face is a little weird.” :/

  • quaking


     1 months ago +22211

    That black guy is the positive motivation I need

  • pay1370


     21 days ago +792

    Curvy girl was gorgeous, she feels like a sunflower field

  • RIN


     21 days ago +428

    “You like me don’t you?”
    “You cute...”
    “I know-“
    The best partttt

  • Calysta Thaiwee

    Calysta Thaiwee

     21 days ago +412

    "Ask her how you can be a seven"
    "A seven?"
    "How can I be a ten?"
    "You can't"
    Major OOF

  • j smooth

    j smooth

     14 days ago +205

    The girl with the red lipstick is stunningly beautiful.