EASY ways to Protect your Minecraft House

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • EASY ways to Protect your Minecraft House. Here are some traps or ways to protect your minecraft house from the mobs of the world! All of these were made in java, but some will work in other versions. Some are very funny.Big thank you to Tenku, Averine, Simozzy and LuviDubai who are all new members of my crew and helped make the houses in this video!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/4twgywR0Wrk


  • TacoMeat FijiWater

    TacoMeat FijiWater

     4 months ago +4006

    the ultimate defense is digging 3 blocks down and putting 1 block above your head

  • Paula Trinajstic Ivancic

    Paula Trinajstic Ivancic

     1 months ago +2255

    Zombies: attack
    Me: turns on peaceful mode
    Modern problems require modern solutions
    Edit: sorry i spelt zombies wrong i didnt see the mistake
    Edit2: thanks for 1k likes
    But the comments are like OMG STOP BULLYING, that no bullying fam

  • Livy Lovell

    Livy Lovell

     28 days ago +262

    Grian: talks about how you dont need redstone
    Mumbo: violently shakes

  • Никита К

    Никита К

     1 months ago +1301

    zombie:*steps on a slab*

  • Isla Thornton

    Isla Thornton

     1 months ago +868

    Grian: EASY ways to protect your Minecraft house
    Iron Golem: Am I a joke to you

  • Mr Swag

    Mr Swag

     4 months ago +7287

    Best way to protect your house...
    Peaceful mode

  • Magzz Likes chimmy

    Magzz Likes chimmy

     1 months ago +409

    So moral of the story
    Don’t have Gerald in your house 😂

  • Kaptan M.E.G Miraç

    Kaptan M.E.G Miraç

     1 months ago +413

    Grian: Mades a video
    Gerald: Chuckles I’m in danger

  • Shay Wolff

    Shay Wolff

     21 days ago +261

    “Easy ways to protect your Minecraft house”
    *shows confusing lava house that activates at night

  • Aaronius Muhlfelder

    Aaronius Muhlfelder

     1 months ago +208

    Gerald killed the zombie :O

  • GD Xandimate

    GD Xandimate

     4 months ago +3620

    Zombie: I fear no man!
    ..but that thing,
    (points at magma block)
    It scares me

  • Maja Orzelowska

    Maja Orzelowska

     1 months ago +97

    Grian: this is a very simple house design
    Me: how do you build a door

  • CerealSallad ’

    CerealSallad ’

     1 months ago +49

    Grian: How to protect yourself from mobs.



     1 months ago +132

    The best way to protect your base is to
    Not build one
    Thanks guys

  • Deelim ._.

    Deelim ._.

     1 months ago +157

    Trapdoors: let's things clip through it
    Grian:hippity hippity you're protecting my property

  • Mutombo Says

    Mutombo Says

     14 days ago +34

    Grian: You need to have the redstone in a circle
    Notch: Am I a joke to you?

  • The Golden Sushi

    The Golden Sushi

     1 months ago +27

    many Gerald’s were harmed in the making of this video

  • Márton Kadarkuti

    Márton Kadarkuti

     1 months ago +42

    Grian: Shows lots of really clever and easy desings which are really fun sometimes, and it really could took a long time to make and find out.
    My friend: Makes a dirt house with 3 torches and places sweet berry bushes around.
    Me: -Impressed.

  • TheDaniel366Cobra


     yesterday +1

    Grian: He's gone for the other Gerald. pulls out sword
    Video cuts to only one Gerald remaining

  • Tielormus - Builder/Gamer

    Tielormus - Builder/Gamer

     1 months ago +1430

    “A wall,”
    Donald Trump has joined the server