Hermitcraft 6: Episode 30 - MUMBO AFK PRANK!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 30 - MUMBO AFK PRANK! the time has COME! Mumbo went afk with NO GEAR on.. this happens .. Well NEVER so we HAD to take advantage of this opportunity for some fun.. I can't wait to see the reaction!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/57kBzMu7RK0


  • SoggyPotatoLord


     8 months ago +1903

    Grain should make the man in the chicken costume merch
    1 like = 1 agree

  • Alen Wood

    Alen Wood

     1 months ago +2118

    Grian - Phantoms! "Iskall run!"
    Iskall - "is Mumbo safe?"
    True love.

  • Élise Ramnarine

    Élise Ramnarine

     4 months ago +2815

    Mumbo's reaction is in episode 49 if you wanted to see the video.
    Edit: Thank you for 1k likes! It's the most I've ever gotten!!

  • mehavenodad


     1 months ago +745

    Grian: There's no such thing as a free lunch.
    Also Grian: tells guy to bring free obsidian

  • Laura 1.3

    Laura 1.3

     1 months ago +149

    Afk person:
    Grian: Im gonna end this man's whole career

  • Charles Aaron

    Charles Aaron

     3 months ago +856

    Grian: donates something
    human: aww thanks bro-
    Grian: HAH! you are n0w DoOmEd!!!!

  • Kyle L.

    Kyle L.

     7 months ago +620

    Little did we know, this would trigger a prank war, dividing the server into 2 teams.

  • Luni Gachas

    Luni Gachas

     1 months ago +124

    Grian: sees chicken costume in infinity room
    Also Grian: HoW dId THaT GeT THeRE??

  • 73Broadcast By FiawsielMedia

    73Broadcast By FiawsielMedia

     2 months ago +237

    🎵Mumbo Jumbo You Are AFK🎵
    🎵I'm Gonna Take Your Mustache Away🎵
    🎵Mumbo Mumbo Mumbo AFK🎵
    🎵I'm Gonna Take That Mustache Away🎵

  • Stephen Shuecraft

    Stephen Shuecraft

     8 months ago +3815

    You need to make a shop that hermits can pay the poultry man to egg other hermits bases!! Like if you agree.

  • Sam Eggenton

    Sam Eggenton

     3 months ago +871

    6:00 "I have to restore the balance"

  • Alexis Bilale

    Alexis Bilale

     1 months ago +139

    Mumbo: you're lucky I am leaving the studio other wise I chase ya

  • Kiu Chun Aidan Wu

    Kiu Chun Aidan Wu

     8 months ago +366

    We have to clear out all of this nether rack, which is a serious task.
    *starts mining blocks at light speed

  • Logan Werve

    Logan Werve

     7 days ago +14

    Grian exscuse for litterally everything:
    It WaS tHe MAn iN ThE ChICKen consTumE.

  • Pubg Grizzly

    Pubg Grizzly

     7 months ago +179

    If only you could enchant the salvation pickaxe with negative efficiency lmao

  • Robo Jedi

    Robo Jedi

     2 months ago +202

    Grian and iskall: sits on top of high place in the middle of the night
    phantoms: Imma end these guy's whole carriers.

  • ellie


     6 days ago +10

    FuN FaCt:
    Grian means “sun” in Irish!

  • James Murphy

    James Murphy

     yesterday +2

    Iskall: take a little bit

  • Seth Swanson

    Seth Swanson

     8 months ago +102

    This is where the war began, on an innocent mustached man just AFKing, eventually leading to colossal bird poop cakes and heists against the entire stock market...

  • Lightning Torch

    Lightning Torch

     6 months ago +187

    The prank that started it all....
    Welp, that escalated quickly!