Joe Biden Reverses Course on the Hyde Amendment & Democratic Candidates Swarm Iowa | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
  • Joe Biden lands in hot water for his flip on abortion funding, and Democratic candidates try to beat each other out for the spotlight in Iowa.

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  • MrGreensweightHist


     21 days ago

    Bernie is loud because he is the only candidate with actual passion for what he is doing.

  • Buckie Smalls

    Buckie Smalls

     1 months ago

    I'll just take my chances with the IRS...

  • Craig Abbott

    Craig Abbott

     2 months ago

    if you are born rich you have never had to do anything . You dont know shit. thats like being a nascar driver then asked to fix your car when all you know how to do is drive... this is the problem with allllll of the leadership in the country including the ones running. ive never voted for anyone because i am supposed to vote for dumb ass number 1 2 3 or 4... their still dumb ass's and voting a dumb ass in office at this point would destroy our country

  • P Ribbon

    P Ribbon

     2 months ago

    Ok Bernie being played off failed. Im inspired. Next aeterna

  • Katrina Coleman

    Katrina Coleman

     2 months ago


  • Witch_Way_Tarot & Craft

    Witch_Way_Tarot & Craft

     2 months ago

    I support that law. Abortion should be illegal. Why should federal dollars be used to kill. I mean I know they already use their money for that purpose ut abortion is just disgusting. Idgaf what the situation is. Have that baby..... BITCH

  • Huliganhulk


     3 months ago

    Fuck Trump!!! Bernie+Samders2020

  • APE S

    APE S

     3 months ago

    Loved the music

  • Dan The Travel Man

    Dan The Travel Man

     3 months ago

    Straight gangsta

  • Mitchell jefferson

    Mitchell jefferson

     3 months ago

    That shot at Yang is proof that trevor and his puppetiers are biased towards Yang



     3 months ago

    Trevor for President❣️❣️❣️

  • C R

    C R

     3 months ago

    I don't even know who Tim Ryan is but I like him!

  • D Charles

    D Charles

     3 months ago

    Trevor is always mentioning Bill Cosby why doesn't he ever mention any of those other sexual abusers like Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Laurer,. There are so many of them out there yet he chooses the one who's done the least damage, because the women who brought charges against him all had the opportunity not to deal with him any more. Instead they kept in touch with him and tried to be in his life thinking they were going to get something out of him. He is the only one who went to prison, the oldest one, and that woman wanted to get money out of him, but everyone knows that being the only black big name celebrity they were going to make an example of him. Trevor call one of the other monster's names every now and then and leave Bill Cosby alone he is the only one paying for his so called crimes against adults who kept going back for more.

  • Marcey Bullerman

    Marcey Bullerman

     3 months ago

    On of my fave things about attending University of Iowa of constantly always being able to meet with presidential contenders during the time of the political seasons ... It was so normal to meet with them ... I wish citizens all over the country had such an opportunity ... : )

  • Devin


     3 months ago

    Yang Gang

  • alithat1


     4 months ago +1

    Hold up that intro music thing wasn't a skit? HE ACTUALLY PLAYED OLD TOWN ROAD!?!?!?!?

  • Barbara Bueno-Welton

    Barbara Bueno-Welton

     4 months ago

    LMAO "Doubled the # of black people in Iowa!"

  • Tatenda Tevera

    Tatenda Tevera

     4 months ago

    @trevor did u enjoy telling the God joke? I bet u didnt

  • Anisa Mazaki

    Anisa Mazaki

     4 months ago

    Chang - "The opposite of donald trump is an Asian man who likes Math." (dies laughing)
    Kalama - "...he claims to be the best president we've seen in a generation. Well I say let's call Barack Obama, cuz that's Identity fraud!" (What XD - dies laughing even more)
    Oh lord XD Are these guys trying to steal Comedian Jobs or what?

    Also, what the fuck is wrong with Tim Ryan?

  • Christina W

    Christina W

     4 months ago

    Giving a choice between Trump and Joe Biden I'll choose Joe Biden